Just 7 weeks

It’s just 7 weeks since I lost my beloved husband. How do you get through this when you don’t really want to go on without him :sob:
I talk to family/friends and to Maggies, which are a brilliant organisation and glad I go. But it’s the in between times when I’m broken and see no point in going on without Ian :broken_heart:
I find it so difficult to do the simplest of task, emptying the bin, cooking (which I love doing, just not got one) cleaning etc etc
I know they say it’s a long road we are on but this just makes it worse as I don’t know how much more I can take feeling like this x


Hi. I’m so terribly sorry for your loss. I lost my wonderful husband just over 2 weeks ago. It was very sudden and we have yet to get through the funeral. I have a very close family of adult children and grandchildren but there is still a massive hole where he should be. I have no words that will ease your pain but just take one moment at a time. Do what you want to do in any given moment. If you want to sit watching telly all day then do it. Have you anyone who can help you with BBC a bit of housework. Keep posting on here. I’ve found it a great help knowing that I am not alone in this hell.


Hi, I’m so sorry for your loss.
I wish I had some golden nugget but all I can say is the bin will wait, so will the cleaning.
It does feel completely hopeless and pointless and unfair and horrific and unbearable…and yet somehow we’re all still here. Something is pulling us through each terrible second. I don’t know if it’s Martin leading me through this, or the support of friends and family. Very often it’s been the kindness of complete strangers like all of you here.
Maybe this kindness is the point.
Take care and know you’re not alone x


Thanks ladies,

I agree I think Ian is pulling me through this as I know he wouldn’t be waiting for me if I didn’t go on.

I will keep posting.

Life can be so cruelly


Hi Dj1904 I lost my husband nearly 12 years ago suddenly he wasn’t ill.We just went to bed and he passed.I didn’t think I could live without him and his love.But here I am 12 years later can’t believe passage of time.The love and support of my son my only child really helped me through.Sadly in March he too passed away.Its unbearable without him.But I know I will get up tomorrow miss them both all over again and carry on there is no choice.My love hugs and best wishes go to you for the hard road ahead.What I do know though is I had two good men and they would want me to try and live my best life.Maybe one day we all will. Xxxxx


That’s how I feel too.I only found this site this evening and it really helps to realise that others are going through the same awful experience. I feel as if I’m floundering without a rock on which to cling - that rock was my husband .

Keep posting SkyeGardener .It really does help that other people can understand what we are going through because at times we can’t or don’t want to express our feelings and thoughts to others that haven’t been through it.Not only that I don’t know about you but I don’t like to bring people down.Love to you and all on chat forum xxxx

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