Just a rant

Its been a few months since I lost my twin to the cancer. It has been pain like no other since. And whilst at times I just dont understand how I cope, and how all of our friends and family do it too, I am also trying to be present in other peoples grief.

My now very good friend, lost his brother about two months before we met properly and before I lost my twin. And I guess we often share what its like for us and how surreal it is that life just kinda keeps going, but it ofen doesn’t feel sincere in a way.

In the same way, our family doesnt really seem to talk about how we are coping, its mostly just good and laughable memories we have of my twin. Which of course is wonderful. In spite of eveything we just kept going, but sometimes i just wish we could be a bit more open with each other.

Maybe i feel this way because i am always trying to be open about my feelings with other people, so when I am struggling, i am open about it.

Sometimes I just dont know. Noone really tells you that trying to heal and go through grief is going to be so confusing at times… I am grateful I found this platform where i just get to share things that i want to share.

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Sometimes we all need to have a rant -
Try not to bottle things up , everyone on here will tell you that.
I was given a bit of advice shortly after my husband passed - don’t let others dictate - do what feels right for you.

G. X


Liga , hi I’ve just came across your post you lost your twin , l lost my twin to cancer

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Hello Maria,

Yes, it was a few months ago, and he was honestly my rock. The best friend you could ever ask for.

With the diagnosis we still remained hopefull, as he was getting better, nothing prepared me for call a few hours after seeing him laugh, and eat ice cream that there is days left at best.

I guess what keeps me going on the bad days is remembering the childlike fun we had throughout everything.

I am sorry to hear about your loss, i wont say i know how it feels because grief is very individual, but am sure they are looking after us and with us in moments when we need them the most.

Much love

Hi thanks for replying , I’ve been searching for someone in my position to talk too , would you like to talk and both can find how we carry on , Maria

Hi how are you doing