Just can't go to certain places

Anyone else feel they can’t go to places you used to go with loved ones. Every Monday we used to go to StIves Cambridgeshire and have a meal but since Jim’s gone i can’t bring myself to go every week I think right I go this week but when Monday comes I cant do it . Been to lots of other places we went to but for some reason this seems different and I don’t know what’s stopping me. Only thing I can think of is the cafe we used liked Jim and they don’t know he’s died and I would have to explain to them then I would cry :cry: and make a fool of myself


You wouldn’t be making a fool of yourself, you’d quite rightly be emotional. I’m sure if the staff know you both quite well they’ll be sympathetic and it might actually help you a little.
I do understand your reticence though, it’s so hard doing things you used to do together

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Hello Misprint
My home was in Blackpool and my Husband and I would often have a walk through the arcades and the promenade. My Husband was well known down the sea front. In 5 years I haven’t stepped foot on the seafront. I can’t. I don’t know which is the bigger reason, that people would ask and I really, really would have hated explaining, or that I’d be forever “looking for him”. Either way I can truly say it doesn’t get easier with time. I’m sorry I can’t be more positive but wanted to acknowledge your post to let you know that someone else has these thoughts as well. All the best and kind thoughts to you.