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How to move past this feeling of loneliness in these times spending more time than ever by myself losing someone is hard trying to go on is harder still when everyone you no semes to be with someone at the moment and that’s just all you want that connectshon to someone that want to be with you people are nice don’t get me rong but thay don’t really know you and thay don’t share your space family what there is of mine seme uninterested and only there whe thay won’t something or want to no something. There is to much space around me at the moment and I can’t fill it the world as stopped and we have time to look around but no won to share it with that is the worst thing for me I want so much to Shere those small thing that conversation that connectshon we had an empty house is no home thanks for listening stay safe every one x

very sorry you are feeling lonely.maybe once the lockdown is over you can venture out and mix with your friends or join social groups.were you may well find like minded people in the same boat as it were.so you wont feel quite so lonely.
im lucky as ive been nigh on self isolating since I lost my partner last feb,and im ok being on my own ,only person I need the company of his Jayne.hope you manage to find ways to cope with being lonely and maybe a few other members will be able to be more helpful for you.

Thanks Ian glad to see I not the only idiot up at this time on a Saturday I just wish Alan was still here to share with he would have brought the right kind of prospective to all this I miss his sense of humour his intelligence and his understand of me x

your welcome.
I think the term your looking for is stressed out through losing the loves of our lives.and sleeping patterns do not exist.will be awaiting one of the new online community volunteers to tell me it will get easier.why oh why they think that.if any thing it gets worse or stays the same.
and id sooner have no help,unless its from some one who lost their one and only their true soulmate.as anyone elses opinion is not for me.
sorry if ive offended any one but this is my opinionated opinion.
take care and stay safe.
ps and im ok with living with my baby Jayne in my heart mind and soul,and I will survive just about.

Hi Ian. It surely follows that the losing and the pain involved is relative to the person. Some do come out more easily than others. Easy is not the word, it can never be easy. Some take many years if ever. It reminds me of Miss Faversham in ‘Grest Expectations’. She sat for ever at an empty table in her wedding dress waiting for what. She had plenty of money but her life was over. It can happen to us too.
I agree, to say to someone it does get better my be like a slap in the face. We come back to each individual and their attitude and their very personal emotions. Unless we really know someone then it may be best not to suggest they will get over it. Emotions are so raw at first its not helpful to suggest anything much until things settle. We can give comfort in our own way, but I find it difficult not to revert to platitudes. ‘you will fine, give it time’ is meaningless to newly bereaved person.
Take care Ian. Best wishes. John.

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Miss Havisham, one of Dickens great characters :heart_eyes:


Hi there. I am so sorry you are feeling lonely and isolated and as you say it is hard to try and carry on. Perhaps the hardest thing that any of us have had to face in our life.
I’m afraid friends and even relatives soon became bored They don’t mean to be disinterested but I’m afraid it happens and I found that no matter how many people are with me that loss is deep within and doesn’t go away with company. I decided that I just wanted to be on my own and learn to like my own company and not rely on others to bring me through this horrendous time. No one can replace my husband and once I realised this I was able to become a more independent person. Someday’s it’s hard but with determination you can learn to cope on your own. Your obvious grief can be difficult for people to deal with and you are right they don’t really know you or feel your raw grief. To crave to be connected to someone and share is quite understanding. It’s probably the things we all miss so much. As nice, friendly or helpful people might be, being with them can sometimes be much more difficult than being alone. All I can say is try and take it steady don’t rush yourself through this grief. Get through each day and accustom yourself to your new but unwanted situation.
Good luck to you

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Dear Cj13, I can tell you my story - it’s somewhat similar to yours. My lovely wife died suddenly in our living room - I got the paramedics her within 10 minutes, but a daughter in law seems to blame me for not knowing ahead of time. I live with some guilt. Anyway, I did not mean to change the subject. Certain members of my family, as well as her family seem to place distance now. I loved my wife - I never stopped loving her and now this. My home is totally empty and vacant - iI('m learning to do things I never dreamed I would, like cooking, water and seeding flowers, plants,. Her I go again, getting off the subject again - but mostly I wanted to tell you that there are many others who are experiencing the same things. I hope you will find peace and hope == my sympathy and compassion.