Just feeling dumb

I am so exhausted that I even cannot cry anymore. I try to go earlier to bed now but still feel exhausted, dumb (I cannot think straight anymore and make plans for the future), and tired. I wanted to go to the post office today but could not make it. I did manage to go to the hairdresser on Wednesday but it was really hard work to get out of the house. I am so fed up with myself and the situation I am in. I hope it will get better one day. Sending love and hugs to everyone.


@Annaessex I know exactly how you feel. I went to the hairdresser last week it was one I hadn’t used before as we had not lo ng moved to this house before my husband passed away. I felt a bit sorry for the hairdresser trying to drag a conversation out of me I didn’t want to tell her my situation and when she asked If I had any holidays booked this year it felt so weird saying no nothing as me and my husband used to do a lot of travelling. In the end I closed my eyes (I was having a colour done) she asked if I was alright and I said yes I’m just doing some meditating. I know what you mean about feeling dumb, dumb and numb not a nice combination x


I found another photo by chance. I miss my Philmore so much.


I know you do @Annaessex . Have you had bereavment counselling ? I think its same for us all - we find certain situations really hard. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just do what you can do … you know what they say - baby steps x.


@Annaessex Deb5 is right, don’t put yourself under any pressure to do anything. Grief is physically and mentally exhausting and every task is an effort. Have you got any additional support due to your situation? It’s so hard to reach out for help but sometimes we have no choice as it becomes a necessity for our physical and mental wellbeing. It scares me being alone but I have to push those thoughts to the back of my mind and focus only on the present moment. Lack of sleep which is a huge part of grief can really pull you down so important to allow ourselves to do nothing but rest. We have to listen to what our bodies are telling us


Well said @LynT so true xxx

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