Just in need of help

This is a long one, my dad died in January he tool his own life after short disapearence, and around the time I met my boyfriend who for the most part is lovely, it’s been such a difficult year since, I had to deal with a stalker because of the events following from my dad, and recently I found out I was pregnant, the baby didn’t grow past 6weeks and boyfriends sister just announced she’s pregnant, I feel so alone right now, I don’t know where to turn and I don’t know if the way I feel is some delayed reaction to loosing dad, feels like the baby gave me a focus even though it wasn’t an ideal time, I’ve cried alot the past few days, even though the pills I’ve been prescribed from the doctors make me feel numb, the pain of this is almost to much to bear, I’ve got counciling set up and waiting for this to come through but tonight bf told me that he thinks I’m crazy, like I’m some manic person, I jus see it as I’m grieving, I know grief effects people in different ways but I’m scared he’s right and I’m going insane, I’m sorry this is so long, I’ve never posted on anything before I don’t know if this is even in the right place, I just feel lost and alone

Hello Bluemoonfairie, firstly I want to assure you that this Online Community is here for you. I hope that by letting us know just how dreadful you are feeling, as you struggle to cope with the recent losses in your life, this will lead to others here giving you their support.
You have clearly made steps to seek help, by seeing your GP, and arranging to have counselling. I’m sure that you will find it a relief to talk with someone outside your family and close friends, so you can start to make sense of all you have been going through this year.
Just try and be good to yourself, and take things slowly. With kind regards, Jackie

Hi Bluemoonfairie

I was so sad to read your post, like you I am new to this community and have only recently made my first post. I think you have been incredibly brave with so much to deal with this year. I just wanted to wish you well and good luck with the counselling, something I am looking into too. Relatives and partners can be so awful at these terrible times so do what is best for you and as people keep telling me, be kind to yourself.


Hi Bluemoonfairie,

You are not only greaving the loss of your dad but for your baby too. This is a lot to deal with but with the help of your GP and counselling you will be able to cope and it will help you get through it. Don’t feel guilty for the way your feeling it’s normal. Look after yourself you need time to greave and to allow yourself to do this. Take care of you.