Just lost my beautiful mum

My mum died on Thursday morning. I can’t even get out of bed today. I have my dad here with me but I’m
no use to him as I’m so lost in my own grief. I didn’t think I would be this bad. They were everything to each other and his grief is doubling mine. I’m not sure how I’m going to get through it, it seems impossible right now. My family are expecting (wanting) me to be more robust but I just can’t be right now. I’m engulfed


I’m sorry for your loss I know this might not be relevant but weather you lost your mum last week or 13 years ago( like me) greif is a long process take your time


Hi Moosey I’m in the same situation. Lost Mum 17 days ago and still living with Dad who seems to be taking it much better than I am. It’s so raw at this stage, your brain just can’t take it all in. Sending hugs xx


Ah Sparks, I’m so so sorry. Every day just brings a variation of emotion. Your dad probably isn’t taking it better, we all have different ways of coping and he’s probably not showing his grief, I just feel all consumed by mine. Sending you love. Xxx


Hi . I lost my mum on the 1st of September. We only found out about the cancer the week before to the day . It happened so quickly . I’ve found it extremely traumatic . The nightmares . I’m struggling . My dad is so lost without her.

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You are bound to still be in shock…I lost my mum in February. Everyone was so busy sorting out her flat and the funeral that it didn’t really hit us…Now the reality is setting in and like you I can’t get out of bed most days… Just as you love your mum you love your dad so it’s natural you’ll feel his pain…I feel like that with my sons…Its love. I would tell your family how you feel. Everyone deals with loss in their own way.

I’m so sorry. It really is dreadful, I had a relatively good day but fell apart tonight. It’s going to take us all time. I wish I could fast forward. I bought a book, Healing After The Loss of Your Mother. Might be worth a look. Just started it, it’s helped. Xx