Just lost my Beutiful Mum.

Hi everyone
I have just lost my Beutiful Mum to Cancer treatment
She went into battle for us but was taken I’ll on both occasions after chemotherapy ,and the second was too much for her she was 75.
She lived alone as she was fiercely independent even though being disabled with polio since the age of 2 but raised 5 children and worked ,she is our rock ,
I saw Mum most days as she was my ray of sunshine always smiling never miserable always interested In everybody else and like most Mums always knew what to say .
She was infectious and loved to chat to anyone and everyone and always made you feel good about yourselves.
We were lucky as a family and allowed to give her 24 hour care in the hospital along side the fantastic nurses until the end.
Yesterday was her funeral not a miserable one but the tears flowed and we even danced to Billy ocean for her and it was the first time I saw pictures of her in 2 weeks as I could not take the pain. I have cried everyday and night and can not see any future for me .
I have 2 children who my Mum was best friends with and I know she wants me to crack on and be the Dad I should be but find it really hard to hold things together ,
My love goes to you all on this journey as my world feels ripped apart xxx.

Sounds like our mums were from the same pod​:heart: My mum passed away just 2 days ago, I took a picture of her on Monday night the last time I saw her but I can’t bear to look at it, not yet. It’s such a beautiful photo, she was a beaut :sparkling_heart: I miss her so much the pain is unbearable but I need to be there for my heartbroken dad. My mum was 85, her birthday is next week :broken_heart: so sorry for your loss your mum sounds wonderful ! Xx

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Thankyou Claire
Sorry you are on the same rollercoaster of emotion as me try and count ourselves lucky to have been taught
By such beutiful women on how to be a perfect human being and the heartaches left for us to deal with are a testament to that big hugs and stay strong easier said than done I know as I am the poorest example of that but il keep trying xxx

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Xx thank you, you too

Hi Alan - you have literally described my own mum who I lost two weeks ago. She too had cancer and could not tolerate the treatment. She was my rock and I feel devastated and heart broken. Can’t believe I have to live my life without ever seeing her again :disappointed_relieved::broken_heart:

Bless you
My heart breaks for you its torture I know, yesterday
Was a really bad day for me .
How I try and cope with it is to read some of other peoples stories and videos on youtube.
As some of these make me feel lucky to have had the amount of time I had with Mum .
It does not lesson the pain but makes me appreciate I was lucky compared to some .
Stay strong I know that sounds too difficult at times as it has been in one ear and out the other for me .
Big hugs xxx.