just not fair

Just wanted to say dying is one thing but just when you start to get your head round it life deals you another blow. My father in law. Diagnosed just over 2 weeks ago with terminal lung cancer. Mmanaged to make it home. Finally got care in place as of thursday last week. Then dealt another blow with a heart attack on sunday night. He’s now not able to speak. Any treatment they could try to help him would kill him and he can’t even ask for pain relief. His last Christmas at home will now be in hospital where he is being well looked after but just nit the same.

My partners not slept for 2 nights barely stopping with his dad till they got him sorted. He got home last night and its his birthday today. He’s trying to put a brave face on things for our little kiddies who are so excited but I know whats going on in his head

I’m so sorry to hear that your father-in-law had a heart attack on top of everything else, and that he now has to spend Christmas in hospital.

You’re right - it really isn’t fair.

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