Just over six months

My wife died in the small hours of Thursday, 7th July 2022 after six years of dementia and suddenly remembered childhood trauma that turned into PTSD and deep depression. In the end, she lost the will to live and so died … not even the incredible love we had shared for so long was enough. I feel so guilty I couldn’t help her. People tell me it will get better. The truth is, while I believe it will for many (hopefully most) people who are grieving, I cannot believe it will for me. I am 80. Too old to find anything like a “new life”. I miss Eve so much the pain is physical. I don’t want to grieve for the rest of my life, but I know I will. I send a hug to everyone on this wonderful website and wish you all the strength to get to tomorrow.



So sorry you have had this terrible loss. It really is so immense isn’t it? I hope you may at least find some more peaceful days and nights.
Our vicar so wisely said to me when I said that the 29 years of marriage to my darling husband wasn’t enough, ‘It never would have been.’ I know she was right and others on here with 50 years together would testify to that I’m sure.

Sending hugs xxx


When my husband was dying in hospital the doctor asked me how many years we had been married and I replied 54 years but it wasn’t enough, He replied that it was never enough no matter how many people he had spoken to it was never enough and they were never ready. Big hugs to everyone.


@Ostick I am so so sorry for you loss…
I’m exactly the same, when people say to me it will get easier, I feel I will feel like this forever, when you lose your soulmate , it’s like losing a part of yourself. It’s so difficult…
Sending you lots of love and heeling xx


It can never be enough , can it.
After 52 years of marriage, i feel i am too old for a new life, and I am not sure how to live the life i now have.
My husband died last August, and i still can’t quite believe that he isn’t coming back.
This is all so very hard.
Love to you all.x