Just so lost

I lost my dad suddenly 6 weeks ago. He was my world. The shock was awful . I had to watch him receive CPR¹ part off me hoping like crazy another part wanting to scream “leave him. alone” Coroner involved due to sudden death and a Post Mortem . We finally just had the funeral and i just feel so lost and miss him so much. Im exhausted with the constant waves of grief that engulf me suddenly. Im so tired all the time no matter how much i sleep im exhausted. . I have been off work but feel i should go back but I’m worried how i will cope. Im a team manager and a social worker so its a stressful job. But is that what i need ? A distraction? I’m not sure i can do it though im very anxious about going back. But i need something . I live alone I Don’t even have my little dog who died a week before my dad she was 14 and my constant companion. Im just lost at the moment

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Hi Dalanwy,

I’m sorry for your loss.

I lost my dad three months ago and feel very isolated with my grief. I have found lots of understanding on this site and I hope you find the same.

Sending love.

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Hi Dalanwy
I know how you are feeling, I lost my mum suddenly at the end of December and its heartbreaking.
I went back to work last week, yesterday had chat with HR and she said this is me starting to move on. It’s not, I am at work for a distraction sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and I just break down. I am so glad I work from home. You need to do what is best for you, not be put under unnecessary pressure to get back to work or as folk say normal as our lives are not going to normal again as we know it without them.
Take care
Valda x

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I was off work for around 4 months returning on a phased return and then using some holidays for a week off.
Occupational health have been amazing to with counselling and cbt.
I work for local auhtoriry so if you do they woupd offer similar support.
I decided i needed to go back to work as my cleanjng was becoming obsessive and sorting cupboards clothes etc!
I was lucky to have some amazing work friends you still to this day can tell how i am feeling ans have a cup of tea on my desk or will make a few minutes to give me a hug or a listening ear.
I think during this time even if you had a large family or lived with someone you always feel alone as your missing your loved one.
Do whats right for you good luck