Just want to say hello

Hi, I have just signed up to this community after losing my dad in November 2022. I just want to say hello to start. I have things I would like to share and hope that two things happen. I keep taking baby steps through grief with your support and that I can also pass on the support to you who are kind enough to read, share, listen x


Hi Pippa,

I’m very sorry for your loss.

I also lost my Father in November 2022. There are lots of very kind people on this site who understand how difficult this loss is.


Hi Pippa so sorry for your loss.Grief is a hard sad exhausting process and as you can see by the time I am posting this leads to many sleepless nights.I lost my hubby 12years ago and our only child our son on 9th March nearly 1 year ago.My whole life has changed I am devastated unbearable at times but I find being on the forum does help in some small way.People who have been through loss totally understand how you feel and can relate to what you are going through.Keep posting and my love and hugs to you xxx

Hello Katherine, Thank you for taking the time to say hello. I’m sorry you lost your father too. Some days seem entirely normal. Some days I get on with the matter of fact business supporting mum and other days are just…surreal. Friday was a suprise day. I found myself sat in tears at an appointment with a very nice lady giving me kleenex. I hope you are having a peaceful day today x

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hello Marg, thank you for messaging. The mamas and the Papas said the loneliest hour was just before dawn. In the past when dealing with life’s tough circumstances I have, like you, found sleep elusive. This time round I am waking at 5 and ready to start the day. I find I am constantly looking for distractions. The yard gets swept, the decorating done. Anything just to keep occupied. I do think whilst I am occupied. The days go between normal, busy, hustle and bustle of everyone around to being completely surreal. Is he really not here? Your strength and kindness in being able to message whilst navigating your situation is truly appreciated. I am so sorry that your world has taken turns you never wish for. I am here to listen. Can i ask what support you have been able to access during these times/
Lots of love to you for a peaceful day marg

Hi Pippa thank you for saying hello.I am able to talk to friends and family but I feel as though they are helpless as they cant help me really.I did get in touch with my Doctor over how I felt she got in touch with their breavement support who sent me a form which I completed.On the face of it for want of a better word I passed.What I mean by that my scores didnt really indicate I was suffering too much sounds crazy.So when I spoke to them explained this they said upto me if I still felt I needed to talk they would send details.I did receive a letter no details just signing me off! I am stubborn though all I want is my boy back and all the talking in the world wont change that.I feel the forum is a real help though.I hope your journey through your grief isnt too unbearable and at some point you have peace and calm.My love and thoughts go out to you xxxxx

I know how you are feeling I lost my dad to vascular dementia on 26/12/2022 he was in St Christopher’s Hospice