Just when you think things are ok

15 months in and you have those days when you think things are picking up very slightly.
Then wham!!! It hits you again like a ton of bricks your not doing as well as you thought .
For no reason whatsoever Iv had a bad couple of days when I have really missed Rob I mean REALLY missed him .
It’s not just the fact that he’s no longer here but it’s the lack of company that I find the hardest thing to cope with .
I don’t know if this is “ normal “ or if the time of year isn’t helping although he always said he didn’t like Christmas then in Christmas Eve it was like a switch had been switched he was like a big kid .
But I suppose like the rest of everyone else I will just wade through it all as best I can and keep plodding on wishing I had company


Hi Kazzer

You are not alone I have good days and bad days last week was the worse ever I just wanted to destroy everything in the house the pain was so bad I just wish greif did not come with the horrible horrible baggage it brings. I keep asking the question how long will this go on for right now I can honestly say greif is my worse enemy and wish it would go away.

Sending you virtual hugs


Cpmb1958 grief for my Rob is the hardest thing I have ever had to endure the pain is like no other and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy


You so right the pain of greif is the worse ever and there 8s no cure which is a bummer.

We are all here for you and each other.