Hi everyone, I’ve just joined the group, hopefully for support from people who have gone through the same thing. I found out about the site this morning on the National News and thought it might help me. My beloved husband died last August, and I miss him every minute of every day, we were together for over 45 years, and did everything together. He was a baker, gardener and handyman around the house and now I’m trying to carry on, and have started gardening and baking - all new to me!! We also loved walking, and now going out on my own is very hard. I’m determined to carry on, in particular as I have two gorgeous little grandsons and a beautiful daughter and son-in-law who I love very much.


Welcome Joanne, I’m sure you will find this group helpful, we have all been through some sort of bereavement and know how you are feeling, I lost my husband 8 years ago now, we had been married for 40 years, I still miss him, but it does get easier and having grandchildren gives you something to focus on, they are a god send to be truthful, to begin with I tried to keep really busy, but I think having to suddenly have to deal with everything yourself is really daunting, I didn’t know who we had insured the house with and couldn’t find any information so I ended up insuring it again, which subsequently I found out was against the law !! Keep strong it will get easier xx

Thank you so much for that. Unfortunately my grandchildren live at the other end of the country, so I have had to start travelling by train etc. to see them, which again, is a first for me!
I do wish they lived closer, as I miss not being able to visit them more often, or have the children stay with me on a regular basis.

I know what you mean, mine live a long way away as well, thank goodness for FaceTime, it’s been so hard at the moment because of Covid, they grow up so quickly and I feel I’m missing so much, but I know I’m not alone x

I find nights and mornings the worst - I can keep occupied during the day - weekends are also very difficult as families all seem to be together then.

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Hello Joanne, sorry you find yourself on here. But only sorry for the reason , as you will find such lovely empathetic people on here who will all completely understand just what you’re going through. And I know nothing can take away the pain but I’ve found it a real comfort to be in touch with others in a similar situation. In your darkest moments you can post on here and someone will be there for you. My grandchildren live a long way away too and I miss them so much, especially since we’ve been in semi lockdown. I always used to travel by train to see them, with Malcolm , and at the moment. after 5 months , I just can’t bring myself to do it yet. Hopefully I will soon but even writing this is bringing on the tears. Nights and mornings are definitely the killers for me too, especially mornings , waking up alone and for a minute thinking he’s downstairs making me a cup of tea, something he always did. It has to get better for us all. Sending love x