First Christmas without my husband of 24 years who passed away suddenly in March I was with him and did CPR which haunts me to this day, could I have done more ?
He was the life and soul of Christmas he loved it. He made the Christmas dinner every year for all of the family. This year is going to be so hard without him I will put on a brave face for my 2 daughters and my 3 grandchildren. I can’t spoil their Christmas as they are missing him too. My 3 year old grandson keeps us all going.
Life is so lonely without my husband and everything we had planned and dreamed of has now gone. How do we all get through this ?

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Dear Kath, I’m not sure how we get through this as it all seems so unreal especially at Christmas when it seems that every one around you is looking forward to it. I am sorry that you have lost your husband and can relate to how you are feeling. My husband to loved Christmas and like yours always cooked the dinner and made everyone welcome. I just keep thinking of the saying… It is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all… You will get through Christmas as you will have your family especially with your 3 year old grandson . You are not alone in your thoughts. Love Jenny


Hi Kat3

For years after my dad died of a sudden heart attack in bed aged 53, I beat my self up that I hadnt performed CPR ( i just stood frozen to the spot watching my mum try and fail)

Then I joined the emergency services 5 years later and learnt ( and it’s still the case to this day although the introduction of defibs has improved statistics where one is available) that CPR is successful in about 10 percent of people outside of a hospital setting.

You couldnt have done more. Two years ago my mum suffered a massive bleed on the brain whilst actually visiting a hospital for an unrelated matter. She got immediate emergency care and still died the following day.

Please be reassured that you did everything you could.



Thankyou both for your lovely kind words it is so nice when you get the support and love from people who are going through the same experience. Hope you both get through the festivities. Take care and Thankyou again xx

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