I lost my husband six weeks ago . I am now lost and frightened. So much guilt about what I did and didn’t do or say. I miss him so much, I don’t know where to start this new life that has been forced upon me.

Sorry for your loss i am 6 months in ita not easy at all im 37 and think what am i going to do without my partner future scares me but i try not to think too far ahead still one day at a time thats all i can do x

Dear Fg15
I echo your words. I lost my husband in a road traffic accident in September. I too can only take one day at a time. I cannot see a future. I have to deal with so much paperwork and await the inquest. I do not intend to read the Coroner’s report - it will not bring him back - but need it out of the way as I know that I will probably be faced with the press interest and certain parts of the family posting it all over social media (again). Needless to say this all hangs over me like a black cloud.

I know that my husband would not have wanted to inflict such devastating pain on me and the kids. I do get so angry as I did not share his enthusiasm for motorbikes and for this to take him from me is beyond words.

Sorry for going on - was doing so well today until something triggered while watching a TV programme.

All I will say is that I gain comfort from the messages on these pages - particularly that the different feelings I am experiencing others have too experienced and I am not loosing my mind.

Take care.

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Hi Kathy 6 weeks is very early times for you and I am so so sorry about your sad loss I am almost 5 years down the road since losing my best friend, soulmate but most of all and still proud to say my wife, Kathy please don’t ever feel lonely afraid or lost in these mad times there are people out there who can help you get through this, you will never get over your loss but will gradually accept it and learn to cope, just take every second, minute, hour day month and year in your own time never be ashamed to cry have a day to switch off from the world It helps, I wish you all the best take care you are very fragile at the moment and need to look after yourself x

Hello my husband died December the 5 it heartbreaking
Everyday a struggle I am drinking far to much
But miss Andy so much not sure how I get though a day
So raw and the pain hurts so much xx

So sorry you lost your husband this way my dad was a big motorbike lover but his best friend.was killed at 21 he never rode again but was still very fond of them he is no longer here he passed away 2016 from asbestos cancer
Life just seems so cruel at the moment dosent it to be in a pandemic but for us all to have lost loved ones certainly not easy
Just remember one day at a time i have good days and days but guess thats how its going to be now

Take care x
Ps you werent going on so dont worry x

Dear Fg15
Thank you. Sorry to hear about your dad’s passing.

How I wish that Ian had given up his bike but he would not listen. A hard price to pay.

I have decided to put together a memory box for our grandson. Ian was absolutely devoted to him and I need to ensure that our ‘little man’ gets to know everything good about his granda.

Thank you once again and take care x

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