Hi there Katie my son Richie passed away suddenly 2,years ago at ,33yrs old I cried and prayed to angel’s to show me he was ok and happy as I was struggling with misplaced guilt and terrible regretful arguements the sadness and gaping hole on my heart was very very painful and one day 6 months ago a stranger approached me and said your son’s here I was totally overwhelmed as how did she know he died she could c him and passed a message from him to me it was a complete miracle the things she told me that he was saying and that he is with his granny Mary I hope this helps to know it’s really a waste of your precious life here on earth to worry as our children r being looked after by angels and they r fine x

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Do you think adults are looked after too? I’ve recently lost my Dad, it’s made me lose my faith. I’d,love to think he is reunited with his Grandad as they had a wonderful relationship that he told us about.
I lost my Dad suddenly 6 weeks ago. They’d been shielding so I haven’t held him for so long and I feel so much guilt and blame. I can’t believe this is where we’re at. My Dad, my poor Dad. Never in my worst nightmares did I think this would happen when/ how it did.
Your loss sounds terrible too, sorry.

Hi there so sorry you are tearing yourself apart there’s completely no need to do this to yourself I got the shock of my life in a good way when I was approached by a complete stranger and it has dissolved any kind of grief from me as I know for a dead cert it was my boy telling me he is fine healthy happy your dad won’t want to c u hurting and that’s why my son came to me your dad will b trying to contact you in different ways I find that when I’m laughing and joking about he is here even my dog barks in the house and tail going at absolutely nothing try to calm down hen he is perfectly fine and a lot happier than us I felt like I was saying prayers to ark angel st Michael over and over and he helped me to know Richie’s fine God bless hen

My boy was 33 years old and u have no need to feel guilty it was out of your control grieving and shock and hurts like hell and it’s completely normal shock is bad but I promise you with all my heart what I said happened