Kens loss

I lost my beautiful wife on the 4th February this year to covid we have been together for 42 years married for 38 years this july we have 5 children 4 boys 1 girl who are all grown up and have partners and have their own home and have beautiful children that we love me and my mo had plans to tour around Scotland Wales and the south coast in our motorhome and tour Europe for 3 months next year. Mo was our rock our world and my best friend i go to mos grave every morning and at night to light her candles i sit at the grave with her talking and playing our music and i cry all the time then come home to an empty house go to bed talk to her picture she had a beautiful infectious smile that would light up any bad day you was having and you would say to yourself today is going to be a good day i miss her so so much but life is to short and i will go away in our motorhome take her pictures with me because i know she will be at my side every day so if you had plans with you loved one do it they would want you to do it i hope this has helped someone who is going through the same as myself xx


So sorry for your loss
I lost my husband due to covid December the 5th
I go cemetery everyday to see Andy
My heart is broken
We had been together 41years married 37 years
I am struggling everyday
We were looking forward to retirement
We were going to take are 2 grandsons to America next year
It all gone now my life empty sad and very lonely
Please take care xx


Am so sorry for your loss i know it won’t be the same without your andy but he would probably love you to take your grand children away and he will be with you every step of the way you take care of yourself


I just wish I could go back to the places my Ron and me visited but I can’t. I don’t ever want to go back to those holiday destinations ever again. I can’t envisage it either with friends or by myself. I can only just about cope with going to the supermarket without him.


I know what you mean. There were places we loved to go, just for quiet time together. I don’t think I can ever go back again, which is a shame because they were beautiful places.

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I know what you mean about going to places where you have been but it was mine and my mos dream to go touring in our motorhome i will still do it i will take her beautiful smile in her pictures and i know she will be with me i will still cry my eyes out listening to our music lady by kenny Rodgers Aerosmith dont want to close my eyes and allways and forever by heat wave her songs for the funeral Am crying now typing this up you take care xx

Me and Andy use to play all those 3 songs
My song to Andy was cilla black I only live to love you
We played that at his funeral
My sons wanted dreaming as Andy use to rock them in his arms singing that to them
Sobbing myself now
Take care xx

And its those moments which will help you and your loved ones to get through it and just talking about it is helping me i tell my children dont bottle it up inside you talk to someone get it off your chest because you will make yourself ill take care xx

I understand what what your saying but when we lose the one we love and have been with them for most of our lives we have our other loved ones sons daughters grandchildren inlaws who are all grieving at the sad loss i lost my mum and dad in the space of 13 months in my early twenties i still miss them but i go to the grave talk to them put fresh flowers on just i do with my wife mo i go have my dinner at my wifes grave and i know thats were she waits for me to join her when my time comes to be with her again i have to be strong when am with my children like they try to be strong for me they tell me dad i didn’t think i could get through this but you have been so strong but i know am not its all a show i do it for them they are young but we try to help each other out x

Hi Sheila. I know how you feel. It would break me to go somewhere I had been with Ron for so many years. Even going to the airport without him will be a trial even though he drove me mad because he was always wandering off and we nearly missed the plane a couple of times.
I was just thinking of you today Sheila and I will be writing to you soon on private message. I have just had a busy few days this week. Busy doing nothing as they say.
Have a good night if you are not already tucked up asleep. Xxx

Just been up to my mos grave to water her flowers and light the candles played our music we loved to listen to and i broke down crying my eyes out my eyes are sore with all the crying i try to be strong but sometimes it gets the better of me and i know it will take time but there are some lovely people in this world three people that was tending to there family grave come over to talk to me to see if i was ok they stayed with me talking and to reassure me that things will get easier but am not sure about that i miss my mo so much but i will allways her forever xx

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Hello Ken

It is difficult and somehow by having all those memories help to push some positivity to go forward.

I lost Ian on 13th March he just returned from Spain in Dec as we were looking to start something new. We were shocked on 1st Feb he had cancer but we were given hope but taken in to hospital on 17 Feb and on 12 th March confirmed he got covid on the ward 8 hours later I had one hour with him he passed away.

The future it felt has been taken but 6 weeks down the line I’m hoping to continue to do what we were hoping to do including travelling around uk as he came from the Shetlands so Scotland was a place we love.

We need to live as much as we can blimey it hurts like mad. Ian told me he wanted me to follow the dream if I can and be happy.

As they say one day at a time. Christina

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Hi Christine yes we will always carry the pain around with us and our feelings for the ones we loved will never go away carry on with your dreams and do what you planned me and mo had plans of Scotland and wales i will still go ahead with them when the time is right but i know the ones we loved will be by our sides

I lost my husband 28th April last year after he struggled with a degenerative brain disease and then had covid when he was in the hospice.
I was Davids main carer, im completely lost without him, we have a daughter grace shes 16, im taking her to the seaside next week for his 1 year memorial to try and ease the pain.
I’m so broken without him but I’m trying, we were to young to be separated like this,

Love him always x


Hi tracy am so sorry to hear about your loss of your loved one david it hard times for all of us and families and specially for your young daughter i lost my wife on 4th February this year to covid it happened so quick went into hospital on the Saturday and fell asleep on the Thursday morning i got to hold her hand when she peacefully passed away but remember this death leaves a heartache that no one can heal but love leaves a memory no one can steal ime and my wife mo have 5 children 4 boys 1 girl who are all grown up we have lovely memories of my mo and our grandchildren who called hear nanny mo just like you and your daughter have of david so go to the seaside enjoy your day because david will be with you and your daughter watching you and will guide you through this sad occasion take care love to you and your daughter xx

Morning Tracy
So sorry for your loss
Heartbreaking really is
Lost my husband December the 5th
Due to covid he was in icu 12 days
He was 57
Hope the day at seaside goes ok
Take care xx

Thankyou for sharing your terribly sad but inspiring story.
I lost my darling Roy 35 months ago,after 30 years of so much fun and happiness.I talk to him all the time have his pictures and things all around me .
Your dear wife will most certainly be in that camper van with you.
It is the law of physics that energy never dies ,it just changes,the energy of our loves will never leave us.
Thinking of you and your family along with everyone else on this forum :two_hearts::broken_heart: Corinna xx

Thank you vey much for your reply i have just had all my boys and daughter round for a afternoon dinner and i must say its been a lovely day but i miss my mo so much i am crying my eyes out writing this she was our world i know i have to be strong for my family and hers but i dont know how long this can go on i see lovers arm in arm when it should be me and mo doing the things that lovers do am having a bad day today but there will be many more xx

Am just sitting in my house alone listening to the the songs and music that me and my mo did me and my mo would sing along too and it just hit me i never got to say goodbye and thank you for being my wonderful wife all i could do is sit next to her hold her hand and tell her to go to her dad my mum and dad they will take care of you until we meet again and it a song that will kick me off crying my eys out and thats what all of us will have to try and learn to do but there’s no shame in crying for the ones we have lost so your sons daughters grandchildren inlaws give them a big hug and kiss and tell them how much you love them and keep telling them because like me i never got the time take care xxx

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