Kicked in the teeth.

I dont know how much more i can cope with. Life seems to be kicking me in the teeth. I lost my husband Peter in 2020 2 of my dogs in 2021. My lovely female dog Misty in 2022 and now my last dog border collie Drift is ill and cant walk and it looks like i will have to have him put to sleep at christmas as well. All my dogs helped me and i dont think i could have gone on when Peter died if it wasnt for them. feel like my life is over without them my son hasnt got any sympathy for me when i said i will have nothing when Drift has gone all i got was you have grandchildren to see doesnt seem to realise i will be totaly alone i dont see my grandkids every day so why he thinks this should be enough. Sorry to rant but i am so upset and heartbroken mlife doesnt feel worth living anymore.


Hello @Jen153,

Thank you for reaching out. It sounds like your dogs have been such a support and comfort to you after Peter’s death. It is no wonder you are feeling so upset and heartbroken.

You may wish to get in touch with Blue Cross Pet Loss support. They have trained counsellors who can talk you through your loss and what you’re going through with Drift. You can speak to them on the phone or online. Their helpline is 0800 096 6606 and it is open from 8.30am - 8.30pm every day. They also have a Facebook community which you may wish to join.

Take good care,

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I’m really sorry for all your losses, you will be dealing with accumulated grief. My husband died 6mths ago, we have no children as our dogs are our children. A month after he passed, i lost my boy, to the day, 6wks later, his sister, and now their other sister is palliative, and each day is a bonus. I don’t discuss this with others, as few can understand how our dogs are our family, and losing them is devastating too. Hugs, stay strong, and if you want to talk, am happy to chat :heartpulse: Elizabeth x

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Dear Elizabeth i am so sorry for your losses and thank you for your kind words as you say our dogs are our family and people dont understand how heartbreaking it is to lose them i have had to make an appointment for tommorow for Euthanasia and its so hard but i dont want to see him suffer. Hugs to you too if you want to talk i am happy to chat also. Jenny.

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Thank you Jenny :heartpulse:. Stay strong my dear, I know tomorrow will be so very hard, but must be. The pain is yours alone then, not your babys and what a wonderful last show of love you can give. Bless you. Until you meet again, which, of course, you will. :heartpulse::people_hugging:xxx

I don’t have a dog however Elissa and I adopted Sammy 3 years ago and he’s been an absolute gem and such a comfort in difficult times

He was really ill a couple of weeks back and I was worried about losing him! All he wants is food, water and lots of love.

And they don’t try and offer stupid advice or ask difficult questions when you just want to get away from everything and everyone. My fella just jumps up for a fuss and purrs his head off (and tries to pinch my snacks :rofl::rofl:

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@Hoggy1 . So sorry our pets mean so much. Xx i recently had another dog to keep my late husbands dog company. Not sure if its working out. ! I wouldbm do anything for Nancy as she was soooo Steves dog. Xx big hugs

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Bless you sweetheart, it’s the other dogs who keep me going, and knowing that as long as they have happy lives, means I’ve done my job. I took the plunge to mate our younger girl, which we had planned before my husband became ill. So i have 2 little bundles of joy to see us through. And they are a huge tonic, to all of us. They lift the spirits of the older ones. New life, it reminds us that things go on, that there are lives filled with love, yet to be enjoyed