Hello I’ve just joined and I’m not sure if I am doing anything wrong as I’m not sure if anyone has seen my message


Yes your message has been seen.

Thankyou wasn’t sure if I was doing this right lot’s of love Kirsty xx

Hi Kirsty
Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and keep posting to let us know how you are doing

Hello Hun not good today watching my beautiful mum go through this is horrible I know it’s not pleasant for my mum but she is so strong and determined to get better I keep spurring her on she hasn’t eaten now for about 6 weeks I have no idea how she’s hanging on but I think it’s just pure love for her children and I’m so proud of my mum

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Hi Kirsty,

Am not sure what is the situation with your mum but are you and her ok . Am thinking of you . I was the same with my mum They starved her in hosp for almost 3 weeks and when i brought her home she ate barely enough to keep a bird alive. It was awful to watch as she could only have fluids due to having a bowel blockage
Here if you need a chat or pm me anytime
Deborah x

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Hi Deborah my beautiful mum has terminal lung Cancer was diagnosed in October 2022 x

Aww Kirtsy,

My mam had lung cancer 4 yrs ago and after having half her lobe removed she survived it. Then she got a bowel blockage approx 10 weeks ago Seems so unfair.
Am here for you anytime you want a chat ok
Stay strong lovely
Deborah x

Ah thankyou sweetie sending lots of love to you xxx

How are you doing Kirsty ?
Deborah x

Hello Hun yer im ok had a little melt down last night sometimes it all gets so much to be honest I’m scared can’t believe that basically soon I’m going to be a orphan I know it sounds daft my parent’s waited a long time to have me my mum was nearly 32 when she had me and my dad was 31 my mum had 4 miscarriages before me I was only Holding on by a thread according to my mum and after she gave birth to me she had a massive hemorrhage and needed blood transfusions and alsorts Just to keep herself alive and not being selfish I feel cheated that I haven’t spent enough time with my mum and dad xx

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Aww that rings a bell for me . I was 38 when i had my son. Like your mum I hemorrhaged and had a blood transfusion.
I keep telling myself my mum is with me and perched on my shoulder watching every move I make. That’s the only way I can function at the moment.
I also put a photo of her in the lounge with fairy lights around and a candle and some flowers. It helps me get through each day.
I think its the tiny steps I can make at the moment.
Thinking of you ok and post anytime you want
Deborah x

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