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HI, Since losing my beautiful wife suddenly at the age of 71 just over 6 months ago, I have read and learnt a lot about Sprits, life after death etc etc, I have had a couple of readings from different Mediums and they have told and confirmed things to me that only me and my wife would have know which made my belief even stronger.

The other day I deceived to put a picture of my wife in her wedding gown into a frame and stand it on the breakfast bar next to were I site when eating and using my laptop, above this picture is the kitchen clock and the day after I put this picture up, me, my daughter and son in law were sitting in the Living Room, and there was a bang and the kitchen clock had fell off the wall onto the breakfast bar, there has been a Kitchen clock in the same place for the last 10years using the same wall fixing and the only time this clock has been taken down is to change the batteries, the fixing on the wall has not be disturbed and you could pull and hang as much as you like and this fixing would not move.

Something is telling me that this was my wife either telling me she agreed of disagreed with the photo of her i had put there, this as confirmed to me that there is life after death,

Thanks for taking the time to read take Care Mickere x


Aah. But which was it @mickere?

Does she agree or disagree with the photo placement? :wink:

I like to believe that there is life after death though I have nothing to base my belief on.

I take “messages” wherever I can find them these days - anything that helps you survive is my motto - providing it’s legal and harmless.

I call on my lovely, late husband often to help me out when I’m struggling to open things or fix things or need some guidance with official stuff.

To date, he has never let me down (in death as in life) though, he still hasn’t let me know where my reading glasses are!


I have had some very strange things happen since Mum passed in March, she was 70 and we both have a strong belief in something after.

Just last night, I am sleeping in her room as it is cooler and her ashes casket is in there, I often talk to her. I was telling last night I was having a particularly bad spell and a bit scared being on my own with this heatwave coming. I went to sleep. Mum had one of those tiger fluffy back rest/cuddle pillows - it’s not on the bed (especially not in this heat!) but on a settle next to the bed. It still smells of her and I top it up with her perfume

In the night I got up in the middle of the night for a wee, came back and the tiger pillow in on the middle of the bed!

I gave it a cuddle and said thank you.

Beki x


Yet again, Mr Wingingit helps me out in my hour of need.
“Have you thought about the car?”, he conveyed.
Sure enough, reading glasses locked in car on front passenger seat!
I just KNOW he’s looking out for me.

@Beki, I think I’d have to move house if that happened to me!

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Quite the opposite, made me feel much better!


Hi Mickere
I believe your beautiful wife is happy that you have put the photo there & that is her way of letting you know.
Me & my Phil made some photo frames out of sea glass & put some photos in that he had taken & put them on the wall in our porch. After he passed I decided to make a new frame & put a silhouette photo of the two of us in it & put it with the others. When I tried to make it without him I made a mess of it & got annoyed & said I wasn’t doing it. Next morning when I came home from an early morning walk one of the original photo frames we made was on the floor unbroken. They have never fallen off the wall before. I have since had another go at making the frame & have been successful. Today our Alexa randomly said playing songs from your playlist without being asked. The songs she played had real meaning to the two of us. Later on today I was brushing my hair in our bedroom & I have a small picture of the two of us tucked into the frame on my mirror. It was there when I was brushing my hair but 10 minutes later when I came back in the bedroom it had moved & was leant up against a photo frame. I tried making it fall from the mirror but it would not fall where I found it.
They are always with us.
Net xx

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Hi Net, Thanks for your reply, and I just love your story about you, and your Phil, although we would just love our Partners back as they were, when something happens like this it gives me great reassurance that they are with us and looking over us 24/7,when I speak to Hilary’s photo (Which is at least twice a day) I ask her to come and see me as many times as she wants and I tell her I am not bothered how she shows it, she can turn lights on, turn taps on, open and close doors, the more ways the better, its gives me great comfort to know she is round me.

Excuse my ignorance but what is sea glass.

Take Care Mickere x

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Hi Mickere
I live near the beach & I collect the coloured glass that washes up after being in the sea for years & is smooth not sharp.
Just like you with your Hilary I speak to Phil’s photo all the time. I keep asking him to put the bedroom lamps on so that when I wake up in the night I know he has been to see me, it hasn’t happened yet but I keep hoping.
Big hugs
Net xx

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Hi Net
Thanks for your reply, sounds really interesting, funny you mention about your bedroom lamps, but the last few weeks I have found the lights on in both the bathroom upstairs, and the downstairs toilet and I am sure I have turned them off when I was last in there, so now when I come out of these rooms I make sure and tell myself that all the lights are turned off, but since I have been saying this I haven’t found them on, so perhaps it was me being forgetful,( I Hope not) Hilary as visited me in a few dreams which was a nice experience, but they do say that our partners will visit us when we least expect it, so we can keep wishing and hoping. Take Care Mick x

Hi Mick
I think Hilary turned the lights on for you. I’ve not had Phil visit me in a dream but about three weeks after he passed I felt him put his arm round me & cuddle me in bed. I couldn’t see him or physically touch him but I felt his presence & his weight against me. It happened very quickly but I was definitely not asleep. I am really wanting to go see a medium but have not found one yet that I feel is right & I don’t want to go & have a bad experience.
Take care Net xx

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Hi Net, That sounds a wonderful experience you had when Phil put his arms around you and gave you a cuddle, I hope it gave you so much comfort and pleasure that he was with you and looking over you, this is the sort of thing we need to help us through and understand this horrible journey we are all experiencing called Grief.
I have been to see a medium since Hilary passed away and was given some positive readings which once again gave me a lot of comfort.
Have you seen or heard of a Medium from America called Matt Fraser, if not, have a look on You Tube, he is a very positive and convincing person, and can answer a lot of query’s we have. Take Care Mick x

Hi Mick
It was a comfort & every little sign I receive I cling on to as every day is so very hard.
I’ve had a quick look at Matt Fraser on You Tube & I’ve ordered one of his books.
I’m really pleased you had a positive reading when you went to see a medium & that it gave you comfort. There are some great mediums out there it’s just finding the right one.
Take care
Net xx

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Hi Nett
As you say every day is so hard, and its only people that are going through this horrible journey that really understand, some days I feel as though I have gone back to day 1 again, I have had a very little Memorial garden built at Fradley Crematorium for Hilary and we are having Hilary’s interment of her Ashes this Friday which we are trying to keep it a little upbeat if we can as we don’t want it to be like a 2nd funeral if we can help it.
Not sure if you are on Facebook but there are two Mediums, David Traynor and Craig Morris who are very good and you can follow them on Facebook if you want, I have seen them both live and could highly recommend them, I have had a private reading with Craig Morris ( Via Zoom) who was very good and I am on a waiting list for a private reading with David Traynor, like us all I would do anything to keep a contact with Hilary
Hope you get more signs from your Phil
Take Care Mick x

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Hi Mick
That’s a lovely idea having a memorial garden built. I will be thinking of you on Friday as I know it will be a hard day for you.
Thank you for recommending the mediums i will have a look on Facebook.
Hope you get signs from Hilary too.
Big hugs
Net xx