Knotted threads

I posted some time ago about how the threads on this forum make me think about how a quilt is made… of all the threads being pulled together to create a beautiful whole to give comfort to all of us who help make it. Perhaps the stars above aren’t properly aligned at present because today, so many of the threads seem tangled…so many people seem to be in so much pain across this site. I wish so much that I could write something positive to help each of you but, 34 months,in I have no magic answers…just the assurance that we all have a reservoir of inner strength which somehow keeps us going and that each of us is still capable of feeling joy…not as we once knew it and possibly only in fleeting moments…but still joy nevertheless…and in those moments the one who has left us is reminding us of who we really are and how blessed we are to have been theirs.
Love and blessings…x

Thank you for the beautiful analogy Amelie’sgran. Your words are profound and I will remember them in these darkest hours. Trying to navigate this grief is so hard when the triggers are everywhere. Even going to the cinema makes me sad, because my sister & I used to do that together. My world has become a succession of “empty seats” since losing my precious baby sister.
But I agree we were so blessed to have had them in our lives. Because we loved so deeply, we grieve so painfully.
Love & Blessings back,

Dear Amelie’sgran, thank you so much for that, I needed it this morning. Such beautiful thoughts and words, you inspire me. Yes, it brought a tear or two but that’s ok. Thank you for always being there. Sending love xx

Dear Kate and Sister2
I was worried that I might have overstepped the mark…some days I find all this pain almost too much to bear but then I KNOW that I would rather have it than never have known its source and I guess that’s true for all of us. There are many in this battered world of ours who have never known love and that is even more painful and soul destroying.
I so value your replies…I often think about everyone who posts on here and imagine each of you in your own space and time…I even worry when someone doesn’t post for a while (so nice to see Romy back but where has Edwin gone?)!!
Anyway, take care of yourselves…we are all pilgrims travelling the grief road, sometimes the path is clearer and we can see the blue sky and feel the rays of the sun and then we hit an overgrown patch and are plunged into darkness when we least expect it but, one day, we will get to its end and each of will find that which we have lost…and much more. God bless you…take carex

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Beautiful lady…xx