I lost my partner of 38; years in february.we had been childhood sweethearts.he had bile duct cancer which is rare. he was the bravest person you could of ever met.He had he’s own business confident ,self assured ,it would never be him . was him.we was so lucky .we had conversations to let us both know how much we loved each regrets.
I feel so lucky he was in my life and we had 3 lovely kids our life.

How do you move on
I’m scared
He was my rock

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Larn, I am so sorry about all that has happened to you and you will feel scared, it’s a new life from here and honestly it is hard. Everyone on here will tell you the same but somehow we get through it and it makes us stronger and more resilient. I love the fact that you talk about how you loved each other, that is so important and for each of you to know how much you meant will help you through these tough times.
I don’t know how we get through, we just do. I suppose it’s because there’s no alternative and the first months are hard and uncompromising. For me I wanted to wear black to tell people to treat me kindly but we don’t do that and anyway it was more on the phone and letters that I could have wished for kindness.
My soulmate also had a rare from of cancer of the lymphatic system and we didn’t know he was going to go so quickly and yes I am still scared. The big trouble is life goes on whether we like it or not. You will find a way to deal with everything, he will always be there, he is part of you and that will never change. His love will guide you through the though times and will make you smile even on the bad days. Keep strong and keep safe. S xxx