trying so hard but missing my daughter so much .its unbearable I can’t see any way I can can through this pain
.time is supposed to heal but no amount of time is gunna make me feel any better I just can’t get my head around this

Dear tappman,
I have replied to your post in the ‘coping with bereavement’ category’.
Thinking of you and sending a virtual hug your way.

Hi tappman I feel just the same life without our children is just unbearable I have lost a daughter ten years ago and now my gorgeous son in June , it’s so hard to get through the days , that’s all I tell myself another one done I hate wishing my life away it seems so pointless but for all of us on this site our lives have changed so much I find a little comfort in this site I hope you will be able to as well take care keep posting people do reach out xx

hi jayne i cant look at her photo without breaking down, its just too much to bear and now im just getting angry and snapping at my wonderful wife whos goin through it too probably more than me .im sorry for your loss and i know how you feel life just doesnt have much meaning and i shouldnt say that because i have older daughters who i love so much and they are trying there best for me and i hope this site helps me ,i think im going to have to phone some sort of grief councilor ,some one kindlly gave me a number on this site xx

I am so sorry for your loss, I lost my son nearly three years ago and though the pain does get easier, the heartache and the longing to see them never leaves you but somehow you do manage to live along side of it…your daughter may not visible to you anymore but she is still with you and always will be part of your family, bring your daughter into your conversations never leave her out…You will carry on as normal and you will be happy again…three years ago I was in your position I thought my life had ended but I am still here and in my own way enjoying life again, though not the life I hoped it would be
Take care xx

Hi tappman and marina
I think counselling is definitely a good start for you it won’t fix anything ( nothing will ) but it’s a good start and isn’t going to do any harm , I understand about the photo I can’t look at photos of my son it hurts too much like someone is twisting a knife I can’t go in his room look at his clothes I’ve also had to remove pictures of my daughter who died ten years ago ( different circumstances) because I can’t bear to add another picture of my children they is no longer with me, the pain is immense , I’m so so sorry for you because I understand your pain you have other children that is your reason to go on thinking of you take care xxxxxxxx

For me I find it’s taking small steps when I feel ready to do so and not before…it was along time before I could look at photo’s, not only photo’s of Christian but ones where we were a family and enjoying happy times, but now I can look at them, sometimes smiling and sometimes crying…I used to love music listened to it all day long singing along to it and getting on everyone’s nerves…and that all stopped…, but now I want to listen to music again ( though the singing has stopped)… but who knows perhaps one day?
We are all different and must cope with the loss of our children in the way we feel it is best for us.
Love and take care xxx