Learning to cope - group conversations?

I lost my sister very suddenly last October. It was a heart complication which meant she died pretty much instantly. Given some of the horrific experiences I’ve read about on this site I know that there are lots of blessings with a sudden death and I’m really sorry for all the horrible experiences others have had to live thru.

It being 9 months since she died I’ve definitely felt some similar things to others. The things I’ve found hard as a sibling in my 40s are learning to grieve whilst being so devastated for my parents. Being a parent myself I can empathise how it must be for my parents in their 70s. And then having the concern for my nieces who are teenagers and their well being.

This is the first time I’ve been in grieving and with her death being so sudden I was definitely thrown in at the deep end. I have support from emphasised textmy wife and I have a brother but my brother lives a long way away and I’ve found it hard to find people to talk to who understand.

I’ve done some 1:1 councilling which was helpful but I still feel the need to keep talking. Does anyone know of any groups they’ve joined where they’ve been able to talk with others in a similar situation?

Hello Ste81,

I’m part of the Online Community team and I can see that you are new to the community - I’d like to thank you for bravely starting this thread and sharing how you are feeling after the sudeen loss of your sister. Most community members have sadly experienced the death of a loved one and so will understand some of what you are going through.

We currently run a small number of in-person support groups, Grief Kind Spaces. There aren’t very many yet as it’s a new initiative, but it might be worth looking to see if there is one running in your area: Grief Kind Spaces | Sue Ryder

I’m sure someone else will be along to offer their support soon, but in the meantime here are a few other Sue Ryder resources you that might find helpful:

I really hope you find the community helpful and a good source of support and I also hope you feel you can access more support should you need it.

Thank you again for sharing – please keep reaching out and know that you are not alone.

Take care,


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Thanks Lizzie

Hi I’m so sorry to hear about your sister its such a terrible shock and trauma
I lost my brother from a sudden heart attack in march 23 and it just doesn’t seem real
I have found it extremely hard to get support as such long waiting lists
I hope you find something soon
Take care of yourself x