Learning to grieve

I’ve just watched a programme that I recorded last night (Tuesday)called Learning to Grieve, presented by a young man who’s sister died a year ago. Did anyone else watch it ? I thought it was interesting and to me gives hope for us all. It’s interesting to see how others cope and move forward. Big hugs to you all. Kay. Xx

No, I haven’t seen it Kay - I don’t suppose you have a link? It is isnpiring to wtach the journeys of others sometimes, isn’t it? Big hugs back,

Louise xo

God, so many typos. I must proofread before hitting “post” :slight_smile:

Hi Louise, it was on BBC 1 so you should find it on i player. Take care. Kay.xx

Hello everyone,

I heard about this documentary too, it’s supposed to be very good and sensitively filmed. For those who are interested, there’s more information about it here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/proginfo/2018/40/george-shelley-learning-to-grieve

Best wishes,

Yes I watched the programme it was very good. It was about George Shelley who was in a boy band on the X factor.

It was William wasn’t it and I think it gives hope. Take care.kay. Xx