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I wanted to start a thread and I don’t even know if anybody will see this or even want to participate but I want to see if we can help as many people as possible get out a little message to their loved one/ones that they have lost. I find writing down a message to my Mum sometimes really helps me express how I am feeling, and I hope this thread can be that comfort for others too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I will start the thread off with a message to My lovely Mum who I lost on 8th November 2020

To my beautiful Mum, I love and miss you so much. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t think of you and I hope you can hear me when I talk to you… Christmas this year is going to be so difficult without you. You made Christmas what it was every year and I still can’t believe that you won’t be here this year, it just feels wrong. I hope you are okay, I wish I could see your face or hear your voice Mum. I just can’t get over how sudden all of this has been. One minute you were here and the next you were gone. If I would have known that morning was the last time I would get to see you awake or hear you speak, or see your eyes, I would have taken everything in so much harder. I will carry you with me forever Mum, I promise you that. I know you are probably worried about me at the minute but I will be okay, you taught me so much strength. I am who I am because of you. I love you so so so much, and I miss you more and more every day. It will be a very long time before I see you again, and that breaks my heart, but I know you would want me to carry on living, you gave me life after all. I know I keep saying it but I love you, i love you so much Mum. Goodnight god bless, I love you forever xxxx


Thank you for starting this thread, I write a message on my notepad everyday and put it on a coffee table of which my partner used to sit in front.

I lost him 10 weeks ago suddenly at home… Here’s my message to you Scotchy.

Thank you for teaching me how to love, how to forgive and how to be happy, I am sorry I could be moody at times but I am glad we always apologized to each other after an arguement, I do not think I will ever find someone else who would love me as much as you have, it’s not until you are not physically here that I realised how much you meant to me…

I miss you everyday and I know one day we shall be reunited again. Unil then, you can visit me anytime, in my dreams, in my consciousness, in my daily experience… I see you in our friends who have been inspired by your selfless love. You were such a humourous teacher. It’s amazing how you remained young at heart and found the greatest joy in the simplest things.

My love for you will never fade, LOVE ALWAYS


What a lovely idea. Thanks for starting this thread. I lost my mum suddenly 7 weeks ago.

Mum… I miss you more than words can say. You were taken so suddenly from us and I’m not sure I can truly take in that I’ll never see your smile, hear your laugh or get those much needed hugs. I could do with one right now. You’ve left a huge hole in all our hearts that will never be filled. I think about you everyday and hope you can hear me when I talk to you. You were the centre and heart of the family and we’re unsure how to navigate without you. We are trying everyday to make you proud and not let grief consume us. Don’t worry I’m looking out for Dad. I’ve even got him to bake a little with me… aren’t you impressed? Christmas will be hard this year without you. I get so sad thinking about all the preparations and baking you’d be doing now. We’ve got our trees up and we are trying our best to do the things you loved.
I will keep you in my heart always, until we meet again. Love you x


Hi Riley, still looking for the darned number. Thinking of you. Christie xxx

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I have a little notebook i write letters to my mum in most days too! Writing down what you’re feeling and what you would say to them is such a big help isn’t it? I’m glad you took time to write your partner a little message. Thinking of you and Rest in Peace Scotchy :heart:

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A lot of what you speak of resonates with me, I too look after my dad now… thinking of you both & Rest in Peace to your lovely Mum :heart:


What a lovely idea.
My darling son i miss you everyday. Your cheeky smile and your sense of humour. I will always miss the way that you said bye about 10 times before you would put the phone down when we talked.

Adrian you may not be a physical presence, but you will always live on in our memory and in our hearts.

Gone but never forgotton darling boy. Sending hugs and lots of kisses to heaven.


I lost the light of my life 9 June 2020.
I miss you so much Mike you will never know how much my heart aches. Those 47 years together made me who I am because of your patience and kindness to me and to everyone you met. I write to you frequently and am very grateful for the signs you continue to send me. We said we would always be a ‘two’ and we will. You are in my heart every minute. Love you always.


To my darling Bill,
I can’t believe it is now seven weeks since I heard your voice,
Your hand on my shoulder " I’m here Sue " I tried so hard to save you, I don’t think you knew much about it - for that I’m so grateful. Thank you for making me the centre of your world for nearly 35 years, for all our wonderful holidays & adventures, for being my best friend, my world my happy place. For ringing me every day when we were working, for telling me every single day that you loved me & that I was beautiful. You were, shy & kind & gentle. I’m so sorry you never got to retire, you worked so hard for us. I will try so hard to carry your shining light in my heart & live as you would want me to . I loved you with all my heart xxxx


Hello, I think this is a lovely idea and thanks for starting the thread. This will be my first Christmas without my wife for almost 50 years. I am dreading it. I write a little note to her every night at bedtime. We used to have a little routine of listening to a radio play or audiobook, it sent us to sleep, rarely did we hear endings. I’ve been doing this since the middle of August. As we had both recently retired the last few years we were together a lot, so I try to to as many of the things myself , that we did together. Writing these notes help me to keep remembering her. It is all very raw still and I am so sorry for all of your losses. I really do think that ideas like this help.


I love this idea so much. Thank you for sharing this message

Dear mama,
I miss you so much, this year more than ever. I miss your calming presence and your laughter that would make me laugh so much that my belly would hurt. I really wish you were here, things aren’t great at the moment. However, I will use everything you taught me to try and steady the ship. I love you so much and Im glad you got to be my mum and best friend.

Love you forever and always xxx


My much loved husband …where has this year gone …our home is now a house …your space is now empty…your side of the bed is a cold empty space…somehow Christmas is upon us …Christmas day your birthday …last christmas eve …we were so excited when you came home from hospital and we had the best christmas ever didnt we…we stayed in our pgs most days …we eat cooked breakfast each day …we watched films …we were happy to just be in our own little bubble …the bubble we had for 45 years…now the bubble has changed …the home that is now a house has changed …but one thing will never change my love for you …I will hold onto those precious memories as I raise a glass on Christmas day to wish you the happiest of birthdays in that place called heaven till we are together again and heaven will then become a home again .


Thank you for the wonderful idea of a Christmas message to our lost love ones. Where do I start. To my funny lovely Dad who died at the age of 58 - I still miss you and your good humour so much. To my wonderful husband who died very suddenly at the age of 46 - how I miss your strong arms around me and the love that came out of every pore of your body. To my lovely Mum, who with my Dad gave us a wonderful childhood - mum died at the age of 95 but her last 10 years were not good. To my beautiful daughter who at the age of 53 went to bed in the afternoon not feeling well only for her husband and youngest daughter to find her dead - we still don’t know why you died as the post mortem says ‘unexplained death’, I miss you so much, I miss you saying ‘love you ma’. Finally to my brother who passed away in January this year - I miss you. To all the dear ones I have lost my heart is broken and will never mend. I love you all and hope we will meet again one day. xxxxx



What a great idea for a thread
Thank you for this it helps alot.

Lost my beloved husband Nick of 52 years 14 months ago. This is my second Christmas without him. He was the love of my life. We laughed together cried together loved together traveled together and were always at each other’s side. I miss him more each day. He is always in my heart. I think about him everyday like it was yesterday. He was an amazing man and did everything he could for me.
I hope we will someday meet again as I miss him terribly. I hope his life Is good and I know he is watching over me

Love and miss you always and forever
Till we meet again.
Merry Christmas in heaven baby


julie, Jools. Taken in November without me by your side to comfort you. I will never get over this year. We rescued each other for 25 years. The odd couple!! What will I do without you, each other were all we had. hugs coming your way. Sorrow for the times I did not love you enough. Miss you so much… Lizzles xx


To my beloved Mike. We were everything to each other for 47 years. You departed this life on 9th June, the date of our first kiss and our last. Every day has been one of broken hearted sorrow for me. I treasure all those nights when we watched the stars and those beautiful sunsets. I miss you saying ‘Sweet Dreams’ every night so I say it to you every night now. We will meet again someday. Thank you for watching over me and being the lovely person that you were. xxxx


To my darling son dean who left us on 21st March 2019 we miss you everyday and think about you everyday you are forever in our hearts our darling boy thank you for the signs we have received and I really believe your looking over us we love you mum dad Michael Alice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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