Leaving the forum

After 3 years I have finally decided to leave this forum so I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and especially to those on here who have been on here several years like myself.
Life moves on even if sometimes we don’t want it to and also this site for me has changed too much. It is not the place for me that it once was. I shall miss those I got to know on this journey of grief and I also won’t forget those same people. Look after yourselves and whenever I look up and see a star it will always remind me that we are never alone as our loved one’s are shining their love on all of us.
Take care and remember to live the dash between date of birth and date of death as that is our story
Love Lyn


Hi Lyn
I’d like to thank you before you sign off for your thoughtful and supportive posts. Like you, I’m at the point of leaving, the site has changed but then so have we. I am indeed living the ‘dash’, as my lovely man expects of me and I will have so much to share with him when we reunite.
Kind regards


So sorry that you are leaving…I have enjoyed “knowing” you and hope the future is kind to you.
The site has changed a lot over the last few years but then so has the world we live in…sometimes I even feel almost glad that Barry was spared all the angst and unpleasantness of the last four years…as our individual world has tilted, so has the planet on which we try to live!
As time goes on, our grief changes and becomes a part of who we are now…it is a shame that there isn’t some kind of forum for those of us who have carried our grief for years…those new to the excruciating rawness come here for comfort and are looking for reassurance that they will, in time, feel better…and some healing does come with time…but for many of us there is no cure…just acceptance that this stage of our life is part of being human.
Take care everyone…keep safe and keep faith x