I lost my wife 15 weeks ago married 52 years and I’m finding things are getting harder to cope with as time goes by.

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@Len hi len, wow 52years married that’s amazing, just take one day at a time and try keep your self busy. I lost my beloved Mam 6 weeks ago I’m totally devastated and lost with out her, she was my best friend. We know our loved ones would want us to live a happy life but my god its so hard isn’t it. Always her for a chat keep strong

My main problem is my wife had MS for 34 years and was wheelchair bound for the last 20 years but we had a good life together It didn’t stop us doing anything we had our home, car and caravan adapted we loved going out walking, shopping, eating out and meeting people, but now I’ve got nothing but time on my hands it’s so hard, I can’t concentrate on anything for long! I tend to walk to cemetery two or three times a day as this is a 30 minute walk walk it passes time till another day comes along but it’s so hard living like this?

Bless you len, I was my mams full time carer for the last 3 years so yes totally lost myself now. It’s that sink in your heart soon as you open your eyes in the morning of the day ahead isn’t it. I still carnt believe my mams gone :sleepy: its going to take you some time, its still early days. You could do with trying to join some groups maybe walking groups. You need to find something that will keep you busy, really feel for you. Your wife would want you to take care of your self like you looked after her for years . keep strong

Hi, Len, I am so sorry for your Lose, I lost my wife off 51 years just over 6 months ago, so like a lot of people on this forum we really understand what you are going through, and unless people have experienced the pain of grief themselves then they don’t really understand what you are going through, they may think they do, but they don’t, unforutually there’s no easy route through the journey of Greif, but as time goes on you will start to have a little relief even if some days it may be just be for an hour or so, but please reach out to this forum for whatever and you will find that people on here will help you, and like they say, its good to talk.
Good Luck Len will be thinking about you
Take Care Mickere x