Length of grief allowed

Apparently if you are grieving at three months you get help, at six months if you’re still grieving it’s a condition called ‘complicated grief’. Like you have a mental disorder! Besides all the practical repercussions of loosing someone close; my loss of them is for the rest of my life! I live with the pain of it still, everyday. They are not replaceable!

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Hi . I will grieve for the rest of my life too . Hoping it will become easier to deal with as time goes by , but it will never go away .
Love Angie x


Hello @Helencl, I think you’re absolutely correct. I read an article the other day and I quote:

'The truth is that we as humans do not get over grief. There is no shutting the door. There is no tidy resolution or total sense of completion. There is no discrete end point. Just as love goes on, so too does grief.’

‘But there is hope! There is something we can work to experience in our grief. When we actively mourn – taking our grief from the inside to the outside, we are working toward healing. We are moving and changing. Over time and with the support of others, to mourn actively and regularly is to find ways to integrate loss into our continued living. Remember – our grief comes with us, we don’t “leave it behind.” There is no closure, but there is what I call “reconciliation.”’