Let's try to give something back???


As a community I think we must all be very thankful to Sue Ryder for giving us all such generous help. I know some of us donate, but we mostly can’t, don’t, or, entangled in the impossible web of grief, simply forget that All This Costs Money.

The free bereavement counselling alone must cost a fortune.

So, here are some fundraising ideas for Sue Ryder to consider.

A badge in various colour combinations saying: RECENTLY BEREAVED, please be kind to me. Personally I’d like a large one in black and white, with Sue Ryder logo/branding.
The same thing could go on t-shirts, hoodies, cotton bags, etc.
Prices - Badge, £1 (small - 3cm in diameter), £5 (large, 5cm in diameter).
t-shirts £10
hoodies £15

& etc…

Also a book, or a series of books published each year, called something like: ‘How to Mourn - the collective wisdom of an online community.’

We could write a song - I am sure there are enough singers and musicians amongst us.

Who else has ideas? I could help with the book, having worked in publishing for a while.

I am sure amongst us we have lots of different skills, and we also have different ideas. If we work as a team, who knows the limit to what we can do???

Happy 2021 everyone!!! My personal slogan is that it cannot be worse that 2020.

With love, Christie xxx


Come on, guys & gals. We need some traction on this one.

For example, as those of us who have pets know, having a pet is the best thing to have when you have lost a loved one.

The pet relies on you for survival. It will help you survive the overwhelming sense of loss that comes from losing a loved one. It guarantees your survival. WE ALL GET SUICIDAL THOUGHTS. THAT IS A PART OF OUR GRIEVING PROCESS.

But, if we have pets we love, we will not ever commit suicide. We have to stay on planet earth to care for them.

So, why not a set of SR branded pet accessories? Leads, collars, badges, lanyards and toys? Ordered FOB from China. I am going to China ASAP to visit my friend @Riley.

I will punt whatever I can on whatever I can get. FOB.

Christie xxx

Sorry, Christy, I didn’t notice the post until I got tagged, you got some wonderful ideas, I especially like the ideas of the book and pet accessories. I don’t think we have the same kind of resources and support for the bereft in HK, that’s why I first came to this site and it offers me some familiarity because my partner came from the UK.
I think people in HK often bottle up their feelings because of cultural difference and tend not to talk about their losses, as a result halting or slowing down their healing process…

I used to work in the shipping trade and it’s easy to get good deals from wholesalers in China. I am willing to help and see how far we can go.



That is absolutely fantastic!!!

We could also do with gloves, warm clothing, pet beds, etc etc etc. Plus any electronic items, such as cameras, iPod clones, etc…

Thank you so much for your help with this. I am planning to visit HK this summer for a few days, before SG and then Indonesia to see my family there.

Christie xxxx