Life after bearevment

I have just recently l my dad. I have also lost another 7 members of my family in the last few years and a much beloved pet.
I have a partner and 2 children. My partner has few siblings and other family.
I no longer feel I can connect with them as now I’m on my own.
Even friends don’t seem to be there.
I recently went back to work and one of my colleagues said to me wen I told her wat had happened oh I wish I hadn’t touched u now ur cursed which made me feel awful
I am considering leaving my partner and kids as I don’t want to pass on any bad luck to them. I know it’s seems mad but don’t know what to do anymore.
Any advice please

Dear Hayley, I’m so sorry to hear of your terrible experience. Please, please, don’t think of yourself as a bringer of bad luck. Your colleague was crass and cruel and also totally wrong about you. The truth is that any one of us can be afflicted in this way.
Some years ago, I had a similar “cluster” of losses, family, friends, colleagues. It felt then as if there would never be any more hope or light. After a year or so, it passed and we went on fairly normally, still sad, but without the procession of deaths. I’m on this site because things have changed again and we lost our daughter recently. It isn’t true, though, that we are more unfortunate than anyone else on here. Random horrors happen. The real meaning of random is something most of us can’t really understand, we look for pattern and meaning in life, when there is none. (I must add at this point, I have no religious faith and hope that this doesn’t upset you).
You are not cursed or to blame in any way for what has happened to you or those around you. Friends probably feel inadequate to help and so hide away from contact, not meaning harm or seeing your need. One thing is certain, your children do need you and they will continue to do so. Don’t make the mistake that others have towards you, be there for them and believe in yourself as a mother and partner.
You can be strong and rise above these events. They are NOT your fault.
I wish you strength and love.

…you had nothing to do with the loss of any members of your family, please dont let this person ever convince you that you did…that was a hurtful thing to have said to someone…
Your partner and children are an innocent people caught up in this, so stay with him-them and prove everyone wrong…

Hayley, first of all, you are not cursed in any way. If that was the case, we re all cursed! Everyone has a story to tell and everyone has had horrible things happen in their life. Its NOT your fault and i pronise u your family need u more than ever. Be ur lovely self.