Life after bereavement - white feathers

My mum passed away on the 20th of April as anyone else who they have lost received a white feather ive had 2 up to yet

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No, I’ve heard this is common though. I did have an interesting experience I may pm you or put it here later as I’m tired. I found a piece of clothing of his I had never seen before etc etc

Hi Lesley, I have recieved lots of white feathers all at a time when I need help the most. If you find one be grateful, thank your mum, and accept it for what it is, a sign she is near xx

I keep asking my mum to help me im constantly crying wishing she was here

HI Lesley, I know what you are going through we lost our daughter in December its so very hard some days I just cant cope without her she was my rock and I miss talking to her so much , but try and be patient I’m sure you will get some sort of sign weather it is afeather or something its all that keeps us going take care Maddie

My mum was a firm believer in white feathers. About a week after she died, I went out into my garden with my niece, and the grass was covered in white feathers. 4 weeks later my mother in law died, and after the funeral, we went back to the house. My husband went outside for a cigarette, and came back in very excited, and telling me to go out into the garden. The garden was full of white feathers!!! Sometimes when I’m just walking along a road thinking of mum or maybe thinking about a problem, I’ll see a white feather, and I just know that my mum is with me.

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Im finding it so hard to carry on im constantly crying I feel like im at a standstill I cant carry on my mum left me 2 white feathers I want her to come and tell me to not cry anymore im wondering what she is thinking when she sees or hears me crying

Im constantly wanting her to be with me I know she is

Hi all wish I would get some kind of sign from ed and my daughter.

I had quite a few after my mum passed in May 2015.
Also butterflies

Im sure you will you will have to give it time

It is very early days still. I still have really bad days. Other days I have hope. The thing is even our mums lost their mums, so she would understand why you cry. Unfortunately it’s something we just can’t fast forward the grieving process. But it will get better. At least on this forum, we all help each other. I really feel for you, and I know everyone else will think the same .

My husband died on 26th march,two days after I found a heart shaped piece of confetti flickering from the the base of a wardrobe on to the floor , Very strange as there has never been any confetti in there. I treasure it,and now keep it in my jewellery box.

A couple of nights after my husband died I was laying in bed thinking about the story of white feathers. I got up the next morning to take the dog for a walk as usual.When I opened the front door to go out, the first thing I saw was a white feather stuck on the back door of his car. It wasn’t on the ground but actually on the side of the door and on his car not my sons or mine which were both in the driveway at the time. I still have the feather in a little box. Treasure it as I know it came from him.