Life after bereavement

My name is Lesley my mum passed away last month I got a white feather from mum as anybody else as something given

Hi Lesley,so sorry for the loss of your mum,yes the feathers are a sign, Dawn our daughter passed away last December and we had had a few they always seem to come at the right time,and the signs will keep you going.Maddie49

I saw a Robin on the day of my partners funeral just flying around and I saw it again the day after just sitting on the fence in my garden not seen it since

I saw a lot of robins when my dad first died no feathers but I had some forget me not seeds made with his name on and I gave them out at the funeral , I planted some in two pots in my garden one for me and one for my dad’s resting place, anyway I have found forget me nots in all of my pots including the ones outside the front of the house there is no other explanation for it other than it’s a nice sign hope we get more signs there comforting