Life after bereavement

I finding it hard at night time been on own how do you manage

I am sleeping with her dressing gown over me what she was cuddling when she died and what hurting me most is her children so soon and even before funeral saying they going to sell house what i shared 12 years with and they do not appreciate i was there for there mam during night when she was bad last couple of monthd while they had decent sleep and think iy that aswell as losing jayne hurting me most as always told her kids i thought they were mine and sarah always daughter wish i had and i lost daugter at 6 months into pregnancy as i got genetic condition which left her with condition she would not live more than few hours in pain so decided to terminate it and so hurt what sarah done so soon after her mam died

Hi Kris.
I lost my husband last March and know how you feel kind of. I’m fortunate and have family and friends. I felt your loneliness inyour message. Please know we are all on this lonely journey with or without family. Our pain in loss is the same. Take care Kris.