Life after death

I used to believe in the afterlife, so did my wife who passed just over 12 months ago. I speak to her every day yet not had one inclination that she’s here with me, should I give up on the believe that there is something after or just get on with my life and stop believing in the impossible.

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I beleive in the afterlife too. Just because you’ve had no sign doesn’t mean you shouldn’t beleive. Maybe there’s no sign because she knows you don’t need a, sign because you beleive. I know I sound like I’m talking mumbo jumbo but I believe time is different in the afterlife 12 months, for us could d be seconds for them so 12 months is nothing. Signs can be dreams, fealings it doesn’t need to be a full apparition.

When my sister passed we too beleive in spirits, afterlife ect. I had dreams, electrics going odd tv switching on, lights turning on this went on for a while on and off but now it’s stopped. Keep believing.


Hi, yes it’s a difficult one because we may feel that it’s a bit crazy but all the religious bodies believe in some form of afterlife. I feel that there is something and like you Derekrb I talk to my husband everyday and I tell him what I have been doing that day, not sure if I am just talking to myself but it also helps me to go to sleep, so yes I may be ‘that crazy woman’ but it’s not hurting anyone. It’s what you believe and feel is right for you. They say you may see white feathers floating down and yes this does happen. We need to hold on to something and as I say it doesn’t hurt anyone. Keep safe and I know there’s lots of people on here who can tell you their story of having contact with their love ones. Sxx

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Dear @Derekrb,
My late wife and I also believe in an afterlife, and I have asked and prayed for some obvious sign that she is still around. There have been a couple of things which have happened, one on a day when I was particularly down and struggling, and there have been other times where I’ve thought perhaps she is unable to give me a sign, or I am just unable to “see” them. My wife was sensitive to these sort of things, whereas I’m not. I often think a sign could be staring me in the face and I’d be unable to see it.

I tell my wife each night that I know in my heart that she IS around, because I know she would never just abandon me, she knows how hopeless I am without her. And I do genuinely believe that, but I also understand how difficult it is to continue to believe when you feel you have not been given any signs. All I can say is that I believe it is not possible to make things happen, that they will in their own way and their own time. It comes down to what you choose to believe. I suppose it’s having faith.

My wife saw a medium way back in 1998 and he told her something about her late Mum that only my wife and I and the funeral director knew. That’s when I became convinced of the existence of an afterlife. I’m planning to see a reputable medium soon too, though a friend has told me not to get my hopes up. But because of the relationship my wife and I had, I’m convinced that she will come through loud and clear. But there again, maybe she won’t, but it will not change my belief.

I think there are many things in this world that we can neither see nor understand, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. There is an old thread on this site about Psychic Phenomena, which you might find interesting. All I can suggest is trust your inner self, and have faith.


Hello Derek
Have patience and faith and I do hope that one day you will be aware of your wife being near you.
My husband and I never talked about such things and I have no idea if he believed in an afterlife or not and I never gave the afterlife a thought. He did tell me just before he died that he would always be looking after me and I firmly believe he is keeping his word.
I have had numerous visitations, dreams, and generally things just happening to be assured that he is around.
I have had his photo just seem to jump off the table when I have been writing about him. A painting fell of the wall in the middle of the night. No reason why it should have fallen but it was one of his paintings. Radio’s that came on in the middle of the night but were definitely off when I went to bed. The most recent incidents have been any radio/clock with an alarm had been going off at anytime during the day or night, two days and then it all stopped. My husband loved his technology and I haven’t a clue how most of his things work and I am inclined to think he is having a laugh at my expense. Both of his laptops that I have been using have recently broken and I can imagine him saying “Get your own things and leave mine alone”. Which I have now done. No reason why these things happen so you and never quite know how they are going to make contact. Just be aware of things around you. Look up Psychic Phenomena it might help you.


My OH never believed in anything after death and I’d never thought too much about it until he died. Now it’s been four weeks since he’s died and I’ve had nothing, now I’m absolutely sure in my mind there’s nothing. He cared so much about other people, he cared more for his family than he cared for himself. He wouldn’t watch over us and see the state we are in and do nothing. I’ve sat alone in the house we shared together crying uncontrollably, begging him for a sign that he’s ok and out there somewhere yet I’ve had nothing. He wouldn’t do this to us, he’d want to let us know he’s still around. People tell me all kinds of things they say have happened to them but I don’t believe in anything now,perhaps it’s their imagination, perhaps people say things thinking that it brings others comfort?

I was at one point desperate to speak to a medium but I don’t feel the desperation to now. I’ve watched a few things online where someone pretending to be a medium just makes up random “souls” and because the descriptions are always so vague and could apply to most people the “spirit visitor” always gets claimed by someone. I also read about the Fox sisters who started the whole spiritualist thing and they later admitted it was all a hoax.

The NDE’s people have had could very well be in peoples imaginations too. We all know what they are supposed to be like, how hard would it be to imagine the same or to just make it up?

I’d love to be wrong but I know my OH would try and bring us comfort in any way he could and he hasn’t so that answers the question for me in my mind :broken_heart:


Given some people are good and some are truly terrible it seems a shame to think that at the end of it all it might actually be how it was before we were born. We didnt know the world or parents etc, even existed. I admit that for myself this seems the most logical belief. Theres no pain, no regret. Theres nothing in death. Never knew you even existed. To my mind this is a shame. Not everyone would deserve this. Is this what I believe? Here, Im not too sure. . .
I just have this feeling, that theres more to life than meets the eye. My mother passed recently. Saturday morning 10th June. One little story of hers. She originates from Scarborough, north seaside town of the UK. Her parents ran a small hotel there. She later married a diplomat but brought up in a hotel it was actually perfect for she would later do a lot of entertaining. My father also comes from Scarborough and thats how they met as he lived abroad a lot but visited his parents regularly.
She had a school friend Valerie who emigrated to Australia and for decades they lost touch but around 2000 with the internet developing she asked someone to see if she could find my mum the only information she could provide being she thought she’d married someone called Eric.
Whoever she asked went to the local library but to no avail. She couldnt find any information so left empty handed. She caught a bus home sitting next to a lady who asked how she was. Not great, she replied and told her the story. Well this lady she sat next to had lived in Scarborough, her whole life so she asked the name as you never know. Her name was Brenda and her friend in Australia thought she’d married somebody called Eric to which this lady replied, thats my brother!!
Yeah, she’d sat down next to my aunt. In 2006 my parents and aunt went out to Australia to visit my mums best friend from school.
My sister had a handicapped son who passed in 2019. If he hadnt it would have been very difficult for my sister to have visited as much as she was recently able to. My view is, theres more to life than meets the eye. We think we’re very advanced, advanced enough to think we know there is no God. No heaven. No afterlife. I disagree. The big bang theory makes no sense to me unless it was intentional. The product of a machine of some description? Can anyone really comprehend infinity? To my mind our universe could actually exist in a room or large building inside another universe!! My view is, we are really, still very primitive and we dont even begin to understand all there is to understand. I just have this feeling, theres more to life, a lot more than meets the eye. Will I meet my mother ever again? I dont know. I will one day join her that is for sure. Only then will I find out or alternatively I wont because like her, I will never know I even existed along with this planet and universe. I dont really know what to believe. I just have this feeling, there is a lot more to life than meets our eyes.