Life after death.

I lost my partner of 17 years last Wednesday. Since he passed I’ve thought a lot about life after death. I’m not convinced there is any and his opinion was once you’re gone you’re gone but I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to connect with him through spiritualists or psychics or such like. I’m not really sure what they are called. I remember going to a spiritualist church with my mother when I was a teenager, she was trying to connect with her parents. I remember her getting a message through but it was rather vague and would apply to most people ie there is an older gentleman here, smartly dressed, stern, he’s happy and with you, there is a small leak under your kitchen sink etc etc but there was another man there at the time who we knew who had lost his daughter in a fire a few years previously. His message was a lot more specific and actually made me wonder if it’s possible. What are your thoughts on it? Has anyone else ever tried or thought about doing this? I am very sceptical but clutching at straws maybe? :broken_heart:

Hello, there was a thread on here a while back called “Physic Phenomena” there are lots of views that might be of interest to you, if you put this in the search bar it should come up?

Oh I’ll go find that now. Thank you x

Try Psychic, I’ve just found it.

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I visited a Medium here in Belfast, I have to say, he was amazing. He knew how my Martin passed, was able to give me names, he told me things that no one could possibly know. I really believe there is something beyond this life. He also mentioned our dogs who passed. At one point he got the nickname of Martins uncle who had also passed.

So I do believe my Martin is waiting for me…

Big hug xx​:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


I’ve just found a lot of posts now so I’m having a little look through them. Thank you x

Thanks for your reply. I’ve found a lot of older posts about it that I’m going to look through as well but it’s still nice to hear off other people who have actually visited someone. I’m not 100% sure that I believe
but it would bring me so much comfort right now to know he’s at peace. Its hard because I’ve never truly believed in life after death but when my grandfather died I was only 9, the day after he died my mam was sleeping on the sofa, me on the chair and my brother was upstairs in bed. The electric tripped and someone whispered my name. Perhaps it was my brother who whispered my name but he didn’t get up, I was the only one to be awake as far as I know. My mother also said she felt him around her later that day. It’s something that has stuck in my mind all my life. I desperately want to believe this isn’t the end :sob:


I desperately want to believe there is life after death. I struggle to believe this is all there is. My husband was born in Italy and subject to a strict Roman Catholic upbringing. It was strict and he eventually lost his faith. That pains me. I needed him to believe so that I could believe.

I have considered. consulting a psychic - but am terrified it will not give me the comfort I am seeking. I would like to k ow what others think.


Have you looked into any from around the Merthyr to Cardiff area? I wouldn’t know where to start but it’s something I’m going to look into x

A cousin gave me a name that I am going to look at.
Others have suggested attending a spiritualist centre.
I am trying to decide if I am ready to follow up.

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Do you mind me asking the name of the one your cousin gave you? x

I will try to find the text and pass it in to you

There’s another tread I started called “signs”, there have been several good experiences shared on there. A medium you need to see because these specialise in contacting your loved ones who have past more. I have started going to a spiritual church but haven’t had contact yet & I am going to go to a medium when she is available.
Love & peace xx

Hopefully you’ll get contact soon. Where in South Wales are you from? x

Hi , im so very sorry. Since i lost my fiance i have been looking into near death experience (NDEs) i would recommend looking up Dr Bruce Greyson, Dr Sam Parnia and Dr. Eban Alexander on you tube. They are medical doctors. Many neurologists have studied ndes and the experiences people have when their brains when they have died for different lengths of time and when their brains are not capable of imagination or hallucinations and yet they all share the same common features during an nde where they have left their bodies, experienced the feeling of love and euphoria and met with loved ones and feel that we are all one. This is from experiencers of all religions, all countries etc. Its offered some comfort to me. I have seen 2 mediums. They were both a waste of time. These NDEs are not related to spiritual beliefs. Medical doctors are those who are researching them. Sending so much love to everyone that is fighting this unbearable grieving.


I visited a medium after my Grandmother died and she told me what I had whispered to my grandmother as she lay in a coma. Since then I go through phases of believing and not believing, but I always go back to that. Nobody could have known what I said. Go to a medium. Don’t give them any information or personal details about yourself. Make sure your social media accounts are set to private, and then make up your own mind. I really hope we meet our loved ones again and there is a point to all of this, but until it happens to us, we will never know for sure.


Where is the medium from who you used? I am aware there are plenty of dodgy ones around so I would prefer to look at recommendations x

Thanks @Lindsey26 I’ll look those up as NDEs do fascinate me having spoken to someone who had one.

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Oh really! What happened with their NDE ? Yes its really been the only thing to keep me going although im struggling to get through the day. Sending hugs Xxx

Swansea, how about you?