Life after Helen

I have not been on here for quite a while, in brief, my wife after 5 occasions of contracting pneumonia, then a good number of other ailments, during the early days of COVID, Her lungs and heart, gave way, a respiratory infection sealed the “expectation”, for all of the family. Burial bereavement and feared other reason’s, the family that was became and remains divided. Due to taking a mortgage scheme, and payment of the last amount reduced that gained from the enforcement of house sale, I am and I remain homeless. But, after the period that is irrelevant, I met a fabulous person, whom allowed me to become more than just friends, (and as I view the situation a temporary respite from homelessness ),

Is there a light in the distant darkness,
The previous bleak and black future, re investment or restored to a lighter hue,
I have learned to expect no future
other than what can be,
or what will be, will be.
Neither optimistic nor pessimistic just realized

So many people gave my entries and expressed words, time considerations and up beat or uplifting responses,
Don’t loose hope, don’t loose yourself.
All the best

Colin, thank you for your post which does sound both positive and optimistic. There is light at the end of the tunnel but for some it’s only a small candle while for others it’s like a lighthouse beacon.
Life does not stand still and we have to re-adjust to all those changes. Take care xx