Life after losing my dad

It’s coming up to two months since my dad passed away and I’ve just lost all motivation. Everyone around me has gone back to their normal routine and it feels like no-one really cares but for me it feels harder to get through the days. I don’t care about things like I used to and I cant really see past the grief at the moment, like this will be my life forever. It’s weird because I used to be so positive and could always turn a bad situation into a good one and get past it but with this I just can’t

Hello, I am so sorry to hear that you lost your dad. What you are feeling is quite normal - my dad died in April and I have the motivation to do nothing. People say it gets better, let’s hope it does because neither of our dads would want us to spend all our time in grief. This forum is a place where you will get help, so please keep posting.

I lost my dad back in November. It’s tough but you somehow make it through. Very slowly and baby steps is what is needed. it’s crap but I take comfort in the fact he’s not poorly anymore.


I just lost my dad through cancer…
He had treatment last 4 years for it and Parkinson’s and had back surgery etc but it came back with a vengeance.
Funeral is thursday and will be the hardest day i have had for years although i been to many a relatives funerals over the years.
I feel kind of numb but in a way accepting of the situation.
Others i know are struggling but losing a parent they say is one of the worst things that can happen to a child…

Yeah I definitely feel better since posting as I find it hard to tell people around me how much I’m struggling. Thank you

Sorry about your loss and thank you. I’m definitely taking baby steps and just going through the motions x

How was the funeral? I hope it went well and you felt a sense of peace throughout the day. Yeah, I still feel numb and it will be two months tomorrow. I don’t think we ever get over it we just move forward with life

Thank you, it definitely helped! And I agree, losing a parent is one of the worst things and theres nothing you can do about it. I’m just learning to let myself feel what I feel and accept that life just wont be the same. I’m sorry to hear about the people you have lost, I truly hope you’re okay <3 x