Life after losing my husband

I lost my husband 5 years ago this August. After 3 years of feeling very lonely even with friends family etc. Dealing with lockdowns and grown up childrens issues. My son lives at home and has been very depressed after his dad died. Doing the necessary jobs in the house on my own. Coping with finance cuts and finding new ways to make money i decided to get a dog. He has been my best little buddy and made me feel so much better.
I walk him every day and hes such a cute funny little character. Hes affectionate and cuddly and knows when im sad. I talk to lots of people also out walking with their dogs and he makes me feel more adventurous. I look after him and he looks after me. My son loves him too hes a little bundle of energy and enthusiasm. So if you are alone and you love animals a dog or another pet can give you back some life purpose. Ive got to the point now where i think i could give dating a go which i never thought i would ever want to do!


@Skwakey hey, thats great news, especially if your dog is helping bring your son out of his depression too. Onwards and upwards :heart:


That good idea a dog a man best friend hopefully in time I might do that


Hi @Skwakey

I’m so relieved that I’ve got a dog, he’s my my best friend :smiling_face: they really do bring so much comfort and it’s like they just know. X