Life as it is .....

7 months without my Rob , my rock , my best ,my teacher, my husband . He thought me soooo much and I will be eternally grateful for that.
But life as it is now , I suppose I’m coping with being on my own In the house a bit more now but the things I think about a lot is
I’m now totally responsible for anything that happens within the home
I’m now living a single life and have to make my own way anything I want to do or would like to do is done by ME and me alone
That’s the hard part for me the doing things on your own .
I have lots of friends but they are either older than me with different interests or still have their partners which I don’t begrudge them one bit .
Hey oh I suppose I’m just feeling a bit down only to be expected who on here doesn’t feel down .
Anyway it’s one way fo getting some kind of conversation


Dear Kazzer

You are so right about conversations. I text my kids but if they are busy do not hear back for hours or not at all. My small group of friends still have their partners - as you say do not begrudge them but it does hurt on occasions when I see them out and about. Just keep thinking that should be me and my husband.

Easter weekend was a big thing for us. Now it is just me and it is a crushing blow to be honest sitting here on my own.

Take care.

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Sheila I know it’s so painful I should be on a day off today from work but Iv picked up an extra shift so I’m not on my own I have two kids who have lives of their own so I leave them to get on with it and pretend to them I’m ok . Take care sheila I’m here anytime you need to chat I will ge back to you as soon as I can x x


The thing I’m finding soooooo difficult at the moment is apart from the obvious of being so alone .
The jobs in the house have to be done by yourself or pay through the nose to have them done .
Today I have replaced all seal in my shower and it may not sound a big job but it’s nearly killed me as well as reposting my plants and clearing some of my garden .


This is one of the things I struggle with, as a single person you are having to cover both bases at the same time. Obviously this is a long weekend, I am now on top of the jobs (apart from the garden), but on a normal weekend I don’t know how I am supposed to get everything done

I can totally empathise with this. Our hedge is totally overgrown and Steve always did that sort of stuff. My fidget era boyfriend mowed the lawn today, cue stupid amounts of tears.

It’s hard to adapt to change when you never wanted it