Life can seem very odd

This was my second
It seems very odd, odd indeed,

My lovely wife of 47 years past away this week.

The tele is still on, the news is there,

Everything seems normal except my love is no longer there

The formula I results and the cricket score are on the news

Everything seems normal except my Edwina is no longer here

Where is my darling now, my love of 47 years

She is pain free with Jesus her soul restored, renewed

She lives in my heart, in my soul with me to eternity

Edwina said to me we shall never be separated and this is true

We are bound in love, and complete each other

And one day when I am also called home we will be together into eternity

Good night my love, sleep well


Your lovely and well written tribute to your wife has really touched me and I am sure many others on this forum. Beautiful sentiments.
We can all relate to what you say. Life goes on normally for everyone else but us. Our life has been stopped dead in its tracks. However I have gone through over two years of grief and learning to live my life around my loss I don’t want to forget him or our life together and not afraid my tears. I am sure you will never forget either, why should we want to. I keep Brian in my heart just as you are keeping Edwina and that is what we can do for them.



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Thank you for replying. Our loved ones are seared into our hearts. We will never forget them. But somehow we have to keep living. To learn to embrace a very different life and it is very hard to do. We need to learn that in order to honour our loved ones we must go on. They have through their lives with us and their love for us have left us somehow equipped to survive and go on
Such is the legacy of love. A love that transcends all grief and loss and brings us, if we let it, to a place where we can find peace and loved remembrance

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What lovely sentiments Rmi23. You are so right. Although I am convinced my heart has been broken I have never once wanted to finish this life I have although it is hard to carry on without them at times.
Seared in our hearts. I like that. I will remember those words.
You are also right when you say we have to keep living and find a way through this different life that has been thrown at us and hopefully find times of peace.
Good luck to you and God bless.


Dear Pat, Thank you for replying - it is so good to hear from someone who truly understands . There are days when the grief is incandescent and days when it is quieter. What I find hard is when I have been sleeping and Edwina has been in my dreams and I wake and she is not there. The empty bed and quiet house. I keep going because of the loved we shared. Minute by minute, hour by hour day by day. It is my birthday soon and another unwanted first but if allowed I will have a celebration. Take care and God Bless you. Rich

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I think this is a lovely way of thinking. I have difficulty though because at times I feel I have the strength and think like this but at other times I just don’t think I have any strength left - I feel exhausted.