Life is ridiculuous

I lost my love in May 2020 due to sudden heart attacke, he was so young and looked healthy. He liked walking and always active, always as he was a workaholic. He did not smoke or drink occasionally. My biggest problem with him was that he did not eat much just once in a day dinner time. When he works he forgets eating so he had flapjake or a sausage roll. We had post mortem results and found out his one of artery was blocked, 70% of fat. The rest of the heart totally normal. They could have seen this artery in microscob otherwise they were not able to see. The doctors said there are grey areas they do not know why this is hapoened maybe genetic etc.
As in the body there is A ( do not remember the name) absorb the fat and some people has A than other people in the body. It is all about chollestrol. So my husband likely to have less A in his body than other people.
My question is he had two panic attacks actually they were warnings…he went to the hospital in an ambulance and the doctors did not do anything even a blood test. He has bern told he needs to wait for 7 hours for ECG. HOW?
My love coukd have been here if they checked him properly. He could have control the fat regularly taking statin.
I feel angry and so unlucky.

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Hi it’s awful what your going through to be told this. I at present are investigating my husbands death he died of bowel cancer in March but had 2 colonoscopy’s in December I chased the results for over 2 months he rapidly lost weight it spread so quick his bowel ruptured then died 2 days later. We went into lockdown 2 days after his death so many excuses from this investigation around Covid 19 I will get the answers I need. I can’t believe they didn’t do an EEG on your husband I feel for you so much x

Dear Nuran,
I could easily understand what you’re talking about Let me just say that I am very sorry to hear this from you. I know your heart must be broken - how sad, and yet it could have turned out so differently. I won’t go into details, but my wife collapsed on our couch one night, I called the ambulance service within 10 minutes - they arrived and took her to the hospital – hoping she was going to be OK - I was met by 2 doctors, 2 nurses, a chaplain and a nurse - telling me that she died! What a shock - I was really hoping for her to be OK. I feel for your loss dear lady — please know there are many of us who can grieve with you.
I am so sorry for you. Please take care!

Thanks Kim5,
I am into billion of pieces. Sadness, unhappiness…He and I worked so hard for our family and dreaming of retiring at young age…now I can not dream anything. I am just praying my son will be healthy and happy all his life xx

Hi Greencat1950,

Thank you. I am so sorry for you as well. Are we not all hope good news when this things happen… when the paramedics took my husband to the hospital after 45minutes as he aas still alive. We hoped the best but lack of oxygen ruined his beautiful brain.
Two best things he had let him down in this life:
His heart and his brain xx

Hi Kim5,

I am really sorry fo you as well.

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