Life is short

Hello everyone my name is Stephen and I lost my wife last Tuesday I’ve read some of the other posts and mostly they described exactly how I feel especially the anger at losing the half that made me whole


I am so sorry. It is just devastating, in so many different ways, isn’t it? Today was my first day posting on here but I feel it might be a help. No one can begin to understand unless they’ve lost a lifelong partner, even though they may try hard to. Take care and talk on here. People know, and care.


Thank you Elsie its a roller coaster of emotions that I’ve never experienced before fate is a cruel mistress I told my wife that this earth we are on must be a terrible place to live if a higher power has decided her time had come


Thank you lonely it’s comforting to converse with people
who understand what I am going through I do realise that
my wife Wendy is not coming back to me and that I will need to try and live a different life to the one we planned

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Good Morning Steve

I am so sorry to hear about your loss and welcome to the forum that none of wanted to join. It’s 8 weeks since my wife, Alison, passed away, Previously I had the loss of my Mum and grandparents but the grief with the loss of Alison is beyond comparison.
The people in this section of the forum of course can do very little to alleviate what you are felling, but we do at least really understand what you are going through.
You quite often hear about taking each day as it comes, the reality seems to be that you have no choice either as any plans you had evaporated the moment your partner passed away,
So there are no easy solutions, but as a group we are here (if only virtually) for each other.

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Thank you Andrew for your message apologies for not replying sooner I have been to register the death today so now I can make arrangements

Hi Steven ,

As others have pointed out this is such a feeling no one can understand. So sorry for your loss , my Mandy passed almost 2 months ago after a year with bladder cancer .

Every day is the way to take it, today I’ve been a mess after thinking again I was coping but this is how it goes and there’s no time limit on it.

It’s gut wrenching, so sorry you have to deal with it , the vast majority on here are with you mate

Thank you Glenn I have a big family who are looking out for me for me ours was a second marriage filled with the best times and memories my condolences in return for your loss a strong mental capacity is helpful in these circumstances and I know if the role’s were reversed I would want my Wendy to live her life albeit without me so I know I need to live a different life than we planned

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