Life is unfair

My partner passed away in October 2nd and my mam passed away October 4th I’m finfdinv hard to get out of bed everyday seem I don’t feel I’ve got a purpose anymore. I don’t want to be around people life’s to hard just want to be by myself in my own thoughts. I can’t seem to think a head and how I’m going to continue living without them. The new year without them I just don’t want to face life is so unfair

I am sorry for your loss, my husband passed away on December 2nd and I feel exactly the same as you. I wish I could offer you some words of wisdom. Am here if you need to talk.
Take care xx

So sorry to hear that you have lost not one but probably the two most important people in your life. That’s just so tragic. I can’t imagine how you’ve been getting through each day. When what is laughingly called ,‘the festive period’ is over I hope you can get some support from a bereavement councillor or similar. We all are suffering that have lost someone but your grief is probably more than most
I wish I had more words to help you. Stay in bed and just be if that’s what you need to do , grief is exhausting and you need to rest to try to maintain whatever strength you have. Sending kind thoughts and love to you xx