Life Isn't The Same Without You (Poem)

Right from the time I lost you
Life just hasn’t been the same
I wish that I had one more chance to see your smile again
The sun still rises with each new dawn
Night still follows day
But there’s always something missing
Ever since you went away
The tide comes in, the tide goes out
The sands of time pass by
But thoughts of you will never fade
I hope you’re peaceful wherever you are
Life has surely lost it’s sparkle
The world often feels blue
That what gives me strength and hope
Are the precious memories of you


That’s lovely and did bring a tear

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So sorry for the loss of your dear wife.
The heartache doesn’t get any easier does it?
Take care,


Hi @sad2, that’s such a lovely poem. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Take care of yourself, Becca

Lovely words. As usaul in tears.

Hi sad22, your right it doesn’t get any easier all you do is try to live with it, I was married for 45 years and she died bin June last year. It seems like yesterday but that’s life. What is your situation as it does help if you talk to someone about it. Ope you are keeping fine. Bob