Life On Your Own

I lost my mum in August 23, I had shared the flat together. We took holidays together, went shopping together, watched TV together, went to the cinema together, went theatra together. I don’t think society truly knows or cares. People look at you weird when you say you never been married or had kids. Towards the end I felt like a stranger in the flat as carers came in and medical appliences started appearing. Obviously social workers wanted to spend my mum’s money and wanted her to go to day centre. I took work on to get away from it, my mum would sleep most of the time, so I couldn’t have a chat with her no more, carers were taking nearly 500 from her bank account on a monthly basis. Mum had multiple zimmerframe and then came the time when she couldn’t walk at all. Thanks to the hospital, they wanted to put mum in a home, but she didn’t want that. They wanted to put her in a watdinated flat at one point. I knew they didn’t care about me or the relationship I had with mum over the years. But now it’s all over all the equipment gone, and so is mum. Sometimes it wasn’t easy as we both were fire signs, so yes did argue and names were mentioned. But she was still my mum and we had lived 50 odd years together.

Now I’m alone and the bills got my name on, it feels like a struggle all the time. Not only that but I got a hernia stomach, I started getting back pain lower which makes picking things up difficult, even sitting up not easy. Putting Jeans difficult. My mum’s will is being investigated by the DWP to see if they can make a claim to my mum’s will. I can’t even afford the bills never mind a headstone for mum.

This is my future !

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That’s so sad to hear, I hope you can get some help.