Life seems futile .

Day after day trying to carry on.knowing I will never see or hear my darling daughters call for me.and her call for her mum me.what to do .feel empty.and so so very sad.

I’m so very sorry you’ve lost your daughter I can not imagine your pain please take care xx

Hello very nice of you to reply.I am on very strong meds to help me through this harrowing daily girl lived with me all her life.from a child and into adulthood.I miss her more than words can describe…you take care too .this site is a godsend isn’t it.but quite frankly .my faith is on very shaky not know now what to believe.its so very very true though that the good die young.think of princess Diana for example.lots of hugs to you and yours

Hi Annette
So sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved daughter, losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to a parent. My beautiful 24 year old son was killed in an accident on 4 May this year and my life is so very hard right now. I am lost without my buy, I have two other children but it is like a part of me died with my son, I am not whole any more and my world has fallen apart. I have been lucky enough to be in contact with someone who lost their child 9 years ago and has been able to talk to me about her experience. You can only truly understand what it is like to loss a child if you have been through it yourself. My children are my world and I am no longer complete without my wonderful son.
Three months on I can function more but the pain is the same, I no I will never get over losing him but I know I am going to have to learn to live with it but I think that will take a very long time.
Are you getting help or counselling?
Take care

Hi janp sorry for not replying sooner.I really know the pain you must be enduring.I am receiving counselling and mental health aid.I am on mirtazapine and pregablin.I went to visit my darling girl last Monday.she is laid to rest on the isle of wight.there is really nothing that can help us really is there realistically.although I see a lovely lady counselled called Marion I see her every month at the coop funeral premises.near to where I live.she helps me about you?.are you receiving any outside help at all?iam sending you a wraparound great invisible hug from take care.Annette.xxxxx.

Dear Annette
Thank you so much for replying to my message. I am so glad that you are receiving counselling, I too am receiving counselling for a lovely lady from a local bereavement charity. She is really lovely and I find the sessions emotional but it is helpful to talk to someone about my beautiful son.
We have not yet decided what we are going to do with our sons ashes as we will probably be moving next yer and we want to have his ashes buried were we are going to move room something I thought I would never have to think about.
Life is so hard without our precious babies but I have promised my son that we will look after his girlfriend and that we will carry on for him as that is what we know he will want and sometimes I feel like he is watching us making sure we are ok.
the Isle of Wight is so beautiful, a wonderful place to lay your beloved daughter to rest. My mum who passed away last June loved it there, it was her favourite place to go on holiday.
Do take care, there are many of us on the horrific journey, we are not alone
Much love

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