Life seems pointless

I lost my childhood sweetheart 18 months ago & as you can imagine I’ve been on the roller coaster of emotions. Just today, I’ve finally admitted to myself that I am really not enjoying life.

I lost my childhood sweetheart 5 months ago. I knew straight away that my ‘life’ had ended - I said that outside the ambulance once I knew. I have an existence now. I never took my life for granted but the thought of never having that love and joy again is heartbreaking. Sending hugs

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Thanks & hugs back to you :hugs:

. I knew my life had ended on May 24th 2017. My husband was given his scan in error as he left the hospital. It stated he had pancreatic cancer. That day at work had been happy and normal for me until 5pm when he picked me up and showed me the scan as we drove home. My world collapsed in a second even though he was not given the ‘official’ diagnosis until 5th June. I lost everything in a second.

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