Life support

Hi all. Been reading a lot about the little lad on the news who’s on life support and his parents who are fighting tooth a nail trying to buy more time. I read a lot of the comments from the public on the news forums. It begs the question. When is enough, enough. I’m not an expert but have been in that exact position. I made the decision to switch my son’s life support off. As a parent you don’t ever want to give up. But I think you can get very clouded in your judgement. Obviously it goes without saying you have to exhaust every avenue. But there has to be a point that you are fighting a battle that can’t be won. And also ( no disrespect intended). You have to ask , who are you fighting the battle for, is it your son or daughter or is it for yourself. Doctors do not make these decisions lightly or on thier own, their is usually a team of doctors working on icu patients. A doctor’s conscience has to be clear at the making of such decisions…

It’s never easy under any circumstances saying goodbye to your child. But the life support yes/no, argument is something you have to live with afterwards. I’ve thought about it many many times but in the end I made the right decision in my own case. I still have to live with it. No parent should ever have to make the decision but then no parent ever wants to loose a child. Sometimes you simply have to except that all hope is gone. I listened to the mother on the news and in not so many words she was basically saying all the doctors and the experts have got it wrong. There was/is some movement in my son’s body. We were faced with the exact same. I no this will be controversial but 6 months, a year, two years , how long is the rite time.
Ok thanks for listening

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Hi Jim - I was watching the mother being interviewed. The pain and anguish is so clear. On top of all that’s happening she is fighting it all in public. Having the media is a two edged sword tho - she’s getting the publicity she needs to fight on for her boy, yet she must be exhausted and harried by the press and the hospital. It must be beyond imagining. No one can say if she’s right or wrong to fight on. Going forward she has so much to deal with when the media are gone and sadly, her boy. There can’t be a good conclusion for her or her family. My heart goes out to her xxxxx

Hi Nell. Yes I agree, it’s a terrible situation to be in. There is no easy answer. Whatever your choice you have to live with the consequences afterwards.

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There are no easy answers to this sort of situation are there?
I can see both sides.
As you say @Jim10, there comes a point when enough is enough and nothing is going to bring about a good outcome - it’s just delaying the inevitable.
But…having been relatively recently bereaved myself (though not loss of a child), I can fully understand someone wanting to hold on to their nearest and dearest, in any condition, rather than face the prospect of not having them at all.
It is a terribly cruel situation for any parent/relative to be in and my heart too goes out to all concerned.

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Such a sad day.
I haven’t lost a child so I can’t possibly imagine what the family are going thru.

My thoughts -
If the boy is allowed to continue in his present condition - what quality of life can he & his family have? Can there be a “good” outcome?
Unfortunately there will undoubtedly be some brain damage - no one knows to what extent. Day after day of caring , the stress would be horrendous for all.

I personally couldn’t cope but as I say I haven’t lost a child.

My heart goes out to everyone in this position.
G. X

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